Luminous Suffusion

Luminous Suffusion

Species: Elnin
Type: Mutation
Rarity: Rare
Region: Enmir
Is Hereditary?: Yes

Can be any color. Covers larger areas of an elnin not restricted to markings/body coat. Causes hair/tail to glow in part or in full, and allows glowing markings on pomus (base color must still remain mostly black).


  • The luminosity can be any color.
  • If an elnin's body has over 50% luminous coverage (overall) and/or the glows are not near a clearly defined marking then that's when things dip into luminous suffusion. If it starts to read more like "swaths of glow" or "large areas of luminosity" then those are characteristic of luminous suffusion.
  • Wings/winglets follow the same ruling. If the markings are on over roughly 50% of the wing to the point it looks like it's entirely glowing then they're no longer just "markings" but a suffusion over a larger area. If it's luminous markings then it should be less than 50% of the wing and the glow should be around the markings mostly (this might be harder on smaller areas to pull off so we can be a bit forgiving).
  • Furless tails like undine and faenin tails can have luminous markings as long as they abide by the above guidelines.
  • Fluff mutations can show luminous markings as long as they're kept pretty close to the body.
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