Inner Fire

Inner Fire

Species: Elnin
Type: Mutation
Rarity: Rare
Region: Kyendi
Is Hereditary?: Yes

A benign form of manableed. This trait manifests as a noticeable fiery glint or trail of light from an elnin's dominant eye.

Trait Mockups
inner-fire.jpg Standard Inner Fire
inner-fire-2.jpg Standard Inner Fire
Trait Examples
inner-fire-dual-toned-starlit.jpgw/ Starlit Anima/Suffusion Combo


  • Because the trail of light matches the anima color, this also means it will reflect any mutations that affect the anima. For example:
    • Elnin with dual-toned anima would show both colors in a gradient.
    • Elnin with heterochromia, odd-eyed, chimeric anima, or kaleidoscopic anima will have the trail match the color of the eye it is emitting from.
    • Elnin with decora anima can have the trail be a solid color that matches the decora anima color if the decora anima mutation is present in that eye.
    • An elnin with starlit anima would have the starlit effect in the trail as well. The same goes for other similar effects.
  • The trail of light should be thin and tapered, quickly dissipating as it gets further away from the eye. Please avoid making swirly, billowing, cloud-like effects.
  • Inner fire should be one continuous body. Any breaks should remain connected to the main body or quickly taper off.
  • The inner fire shouldn't be longer than a standard elnin body.


  • This trait is usually associated with elnins of a feral nature, hinting at a connection with wild magic.
  • When an elnin with inner fire is excited/angry/distressed/etc, the effect will usually intensify and spread to both eyes.
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