Facial Fluff

Facial Fluff

Species: Elnin
Type: Mutation
Rarity: Common
Region: Strynhalde
Is Hereditary?: Yes

Elnin cheeks are a bit fluffy by default, but any excessive cheek volume or flared facial fluff qualifies as a mutation. This includes any mustaches or beards.

Be mindful that this mutation doesn't obscure other mutations on masterlist art that you want shown (like infused teeth/claws, mana saturated, etc).

Classic Facial Fluff
Alternative Facial Fluff
facial-fluff-pt-1.jpgNo Facial Fluff
facial-fluff-pt-2.jpgFacial Fluff & 0 MP Ear Fluff
facial-fluff-pt-3.jpgFacial Fluyff & 1 MP Ear Fluff


  • Kittoms only exhibit cheeks that are extra fluffy with this mutation, and will not depict facial fluff in the form of beards, mustaches, etc. until they reach an adult stage.
  • Adult elnin can depict this mutation as extra fluffy cheeks, mustaches, beards, goatees, and sideburns.
  • As a rule of thumb, if cheek fluff is larger than the elnin's eyes then it would be considered facial fluff.
  • Beard-like and mustache-like facial fluff cannot exceed the length of an elnin's ear fluff.
  • Facial fluff does not have an MP stat but it length is limited by an elnin's ear fluff length stat.
  • Ear fluff can be depicted as flowing or tying into any beard-like fluff, or be drawn separately from that fluff as long as the beard-like fluff is still less than or equal to the elnin's ear fluff.
  • Be sure that any and all elnin beard fluff respects and abides by gravity.
  • Featherlight Hair can affect Facial Fluff beards as long as the length is 1 MP or greater.
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