Decora Anima

Decora Anima

Species: Elnin
Type: Mutation
Rarity: Exotic
Region: Ealei
Is Hereditary?: Yes

A single-color full or partial pattern across the surface of the eyes and horns. Patterns can be uniformly present in both eyes and/or horns but do not have to be. This mutation is not to be confused with the Knight engravings which are runic in nature. Patterns should not look like symbols/sigils and must not cover more than half of the surface of any given eye or horn.

Standard Trait Examples
decora-anima-1-sm.jpg Organic Patterning
decora-anima-2-sm.jpg Heart-shaped Patterning
decora-anima-3-sm.jpg Colored Full Patterning
Alternative Interactions
decora-chimeric-anima-1-sm.jpg Decora & Chimeric
decora-prismatic-anima-1-sm.jpg Decora & Prismatic
decora-prismatic-anima-2-sm.jpg Decora & Prismatic
decora-prismatic-anima-3-sm.jpg Decora & Prismatic


  • Can be any single color. (Exceptions may apply when this mutation interacts with other mutations.)
  • Patterns must not cover more than 50% of any single eye or horn the mutation appears on. An elnin's base anima color should always be clear.
  • Patterns must have a solid edge, no gradients or special effects.
  • Patterns and shapes present should be relatively simple (think stencil hearts, leaves, circles, stripes, etc.)
  • Patterns should not have any lineart, they should be solid patterns.
  • Patterns should not cause the horns to look like organic materials, like crystals, wood, or plant materials (as this treds into royal horn glamour territory).
  • Can be semi-transparent or opaque depending on if the elnin has standard horns or opaque horns.
  • This mutation affects the surface of an eye or horn, not the center of an eyeball or horn.
  • This mutation cannot be used to imitate another mutation or enchantment.
  • What mutations can affect the color of decora anima?
    • YES: Heterochromia, Odd-eyed, Chimeric Anima, Kaleidoscopic Anima, Prismatic Anima. (Reach out to the team if you're looking for a specific example for color interactions in relation to one of these mutations.)
    • NO: Dual-toned anima specifically cannot affect the color of decora anima, as dual-toned anima only affects the base anima color that sits below the patterns. Anything else not listed under YES.
  • If any mutations are not listed here then we have no definitive answer for it. Please check with us first before going forward if the mutation is not on the list.
  • If you have a pattern idea you want to run past the approvals team, you can ask about it as a general question via ticket or official group discord. If the example is elnin specific please submit it as a design approval for us to review! Multiple pattern ideas can be run past the team if submitted all at once.
  • Historically this mutation was called "Sectoral Heterochromia" and could not be uniformly present in both eyes and/or horns. Most older depictions of this mutation will likely present as non-uniform, but non-uniformity is no longer required.
  • This mutation will be handled more case-by-case due to it's restrictions being broader than they were historically. We may ask for adjustments or simplification of patterns if there are any depictions of this mutation where we can't discern which other anima traits are present.
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