Colored Sclera

Colored Sclera

Species: Elnin
Type: Mutation
Rarity: Uncommon
Region: Ahza
Is Hereditary?: Yes

A benign form of manableed. Mana has permeated the sclera, infusing it with an unusual coloring. Colored sclera must not read as black or a hue so dark it's not discernable as a color other than black.

Note: Black sclera standalone is present as part of the higher rarity mutation called Infernal Gaze. Black sclera alongside cracked horns denotes the non-hereditary mana flaw, Gloom Kissed, which is not readily available at this time. If your sclera is deemed too dark or close to black in approvals changes will be requested, or staff may recommend pursuing the Infernal Gaze mutation.

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