Cloud Breath

Cloud Breath

Species: Elnin
Type: Mutation
Rarity: Exotic
Region: Ealei
Is Hereditary?: No

Allows an elnin to exhale puffy wisps of colored vapor. Aside from being pretty darn effective at inducing drowsiness, it's not particularly useful for anything else. It does make for a lovely display though.

Trait Examples
cloud-breath-2.jpgCloud Breath
w/ Starlit Anima


  • Vapor color should match anima color (will also display starlit anima mutation if present).
  • Vapor has a smoke-like quality, drifting in soft cloud-like puffs that linger in the air.
  • The vapor trail must not exceed two body lengths.
  • What can affect cloud breath?
    • YES: Anima mutations can impact the color of breath mutations. Starlit anima specifically can add a starlit effect on the breath itself, but keep in mind this effect does not alter the shape of the breath so the breath’s silhouette and general appearance would still be fire-like. Emberglow anima can affect the breath but the motes should remain anima colored and stick very close/immediately surrounding the breath with little drift. Chimeric anima can display as either colour or a gradient of both. Prismatic anima must display all the colors in the prism.
    • NO: General body suffusion mutations.
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