Celestial Shroud

Celestial Shroud

Species: Elnin
Type: Mutation
Rarity: Exotic
Region: Silveil
Is Hereditary?: Yes

This happens when the mana filaments that make up an elnin's hair are constantly phasing through various densities, or dissolving entirely to release small amounts of surface mana into the air. This gives the hair an ethereal, shimmering appearance accented by tiny points of diffracting light. It can also cause sections of hair to take on an auroral aspect as mana released by dissipating filaments coalesces into delicate sheets of iridescent color and light. This normally only happens for a short moment when an elnin is consciously changing the length of their hair, and is generally not a sustainable effect. However, some elnins exhibit this visually striking state of flux at all times.


  • Celestial Shroud affects hair and tail styles with longer strands in areas. Fluff mutations should not be long enough to display this mutation.
  • Celestial shroud can impact all tail styles except for Marsh and warren.
  • Celestial shroud does not give all of the hair strands a weightless quality, only those that are in flux/semi-transparent will have any lift but all other hair should be grounded. If you'd like the hair to also have a weightless quality then you'll need to add the featherlight mutation.
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