Anima Patterning

Anima Patterning

Species: Elnin
Type: Mutation
Rarity: Uncommon
Region: Faerindell
Is Hereditary?: Yes

Distinct symmetrical patterning on or within the surface of the anima - textures/frosting/etc. Not to be confused with the Knight engravings which are runic in nature. Anima patterns should not look like symbols/sigils, and should be present on both eyes/horns equally.

Trait Mockups
anima-patterning.jpg Frosted Anima Patterning
anima-patterning-2.jpg Anima Patterning
anima-patterning-3.jpg Anima Patterning


  • Can only be a darker or lighter shade of the anima color.
  • Can be transparent or slightly more opaque.
  • Must be uniform across the entire surface of the eye.
    • The only exception being a "frosted"/"iced" texture which is holdover from legacy stuff but must at least be present uniformly across all eyes even if it's only across a portion of the eye.
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