<a href=" Feather" class="display-item">Crystal Feather</a>

Crystal Feather

Category: Shop

A magical feather from the Harbinger of Crystal that grants a random mutation. Only mutations that are hereditary and have a region listed are available (with a couple of exceptions). Common mutations will not occur by use of this item, only Uncommon and above. The higher the rarity of the mutation, the lower the odds will be for rolling it.

(Maximum 2 per breeding)
<a href=" Luck" class="display-item">Bottled Luck</a>

Bottled Luck

Category: Shop

This lucky potion will increase your odds of passing up to 5 mutations during a breeding. The boost to the odds decreases as the rarity of the mutation increases. So please consider this when making your choices, since this potion does not guarantee they will necessarily occur. We recommend focusing on your favorite mutations rather than the rarest!

You must specify which 5 (uncommon or higher rarity) hereditary mutations you would like to increase odds for on your breeding form. Do not select any common mutations. These mutations will be referenced if your breeding is selected and the potion has been purchased for that breeding!

(Maximum 1 per breeding)
<a href=" Mirror" class="display-item">Peculiar Mirror</a>

Peculiar Mirror

Category: Shop

This strange mirror has a peculiar effect on your elnin's body. Allowing them to breed once as the opposite sex.

<a href=" of Paradise" class="display-item">Crown of Paradise</a>

Crown of Paradise

Category: Shop

A crown of coral from the Paradise Reef. It contains potent magic that will permanently change the sex of any elnin that wears it.

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