Jahpan Jahpan Luminous

I live in Illinois. I work as a Pre-K teacher full time. I have 3 pets: Chiyo my black/tan shiba inu, Bumble my ragdoll cat, and Willow my white and black spotted calico.  My interests include: mlp, pokemon, Zelda BOTW, Animal Crossing, etc. I also enjoy drawing digitally with my ipad and apple pencil 2. 
Currently growing:
Shimmer- noble quest acts done/waiting on
masterlist art done/waiting on 
Working on next:
Gemri - Djinin
Lagoon growth art (engare art hopefully)
Aurora faenin whip tail

Elnins: 9 adults, 7 kittoms to grow

| Discord: Jahpan#3059 | Toyhouse: Jahpan | 
80 EC
75 SC
"Palu'au (Remix)" Card Frame
"Palu'au" Card Frame

Overwild (Aquatic) Token

"Feyhallow" Card Frame
Returning Light