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[Regional Flora of Ealei] Sweet blossom tea is a favorite in Ealei While everyone has their own recipe, the natives of Ealei say the Pinwheel blossoms make the sweetest tea. Something about the way these flowers grow on the branches gives them a delicate sugary after taste which is perfect when steeped in tea brewed in the summer sun. Pinwheel flowers can be found all over the root island of Ealei and get their name from how they fall off the branches after they have finished blooming. The spinning nature of the petals can carry the blossoms very far out to sea where they can deposit seeds in remote areas normally unable to be reached. While they do not retain the sweet nature if grown in soil found on the mainland or surrounding islands, they can still be rather pretty and will take on different hues depending on the quality of the soil they grow in. The natives carefully tends the root-grown Pinwheel trees to keep that sweet flavor they often love.

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MYO-ELN390: Zuozhe

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