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AP: Faerindell
Word count: 1,023
Elnin AP is for: Tinúviel
Other elnin: Irlina


     "But I'm not sure this will even be possible." Tinúviel frowned at the other faenin, his arms crossed. "For one thing, -you- cannot reach the highest shelf in the kitchen where she has hidden the cookies." He was here in Faerindell because his mentor, Amirynth, had invited him to come with the family while they visited the other half. While he felt in tune with the beautiful nature that surrounded him, the shocking colours of purples, pinks, and greens a contrast to the more mellow blues and violets he was used to from his home, Tinú found out quickly that it also meant traveling with Amirynth's daughters. Sarynae was quiet and easy to exist beside (though he did enjoy pestering her a lot) but Irlina was proving to be a thorn in his side, especially in the case of today.

     The crimson faenin scoffed in response, "I'm not that much shorter than you... like -you- have anything to talk about Mr. Shorty." Irlina knew where the foot-stool was, not that it would have gotten them that much higher, but it would have helped them get to the counter. However, said foot-stool was currently in use and would take some quick thinking to get ahold of. "Not my fault I can't really fly yet. What is your excuse?"

     Tinú smirked, "I don't feel like getting into trouble." He gestured towards the cracked open door of the room they were currently hidden in and added in a sharp whisper, "Malis' cookies are deliciously good, but not 'so delicious that its worth two weekends of chores' good." The bundle had arrived in a carefully wrapped package on the doorstep as a gift for Rynn and had been calling to the faenin pair all morning. It didn't help that the morning's chores of weeding the flourishing flowerbeds in the garden had made them exceptionally hungry.

     Irlina sighed and slumped down into a beanbag chair dramatically. "If we left it up to the adults there will be nothing left for us two, you know that." She tapped a paw to her chin thinking hard. "What if we made our own cookies and then switched them with the ones from Malis? That way no one will know they went missing until it was too late!"

     "Why not make our own and then just eat those?" The blue faenin rolled his eyes at the idea and almost decided to go outside to try his luck with easier endeavors like looking for beetles under the fairy shrouds to pester Sarynae with, or pick bouquets of sakura blossoms to preemptively get himself out of the next bit of trouble Irlina was going to get him in.

     Handwaving his suggestion away Irlina complained some more, "Because they just wouldn't taste as good." She sighed and flopped over onto her front, peering up through long lashes with her golden speckled eyes. "Come on Tinú, I neeeeed your help. What if I owed you one in exchange? Any favor you can think of."

     Tinúviel contemplated the ramifications of what she was offering. He had many uses of a good favor and he knew a rather good cookie recipe to utilize which might feed two birds with one seed... or two elnin with one cookie. "Ok ok ok, but you owe me a favor. I'll think upon what it is later." He turned and headed out of the door with a flick of his translucent wings intent on getting this activity started.

     Irlina followed in tow and when they reached the kitchen, she proceeded to pull open all the lower cupboards and drawers to find any utensils they might need. After filling the high counter with a bowl, a collection of spoons for measuring, a whisk, and a jug she looked towards her fellow faenin who had been gathering the ingredients. After observing him struggle a little to lift up the flour bag above his head she helped him out wordlessly before grabbing a chair from the nearby table. "Want one? It'll make it easier to get to the counter." Not waiting for his answer, Irlina grabbed a second chair and put it up next to the counter before climbing up hers to reach the large bowl. "Ok, what is first to go in?"

     "Well first we combine the wet ingredients..." Tinúviel slowly went through all the steps that he remembered, explaining them one by one to Irlina, guiding her through the process. "Afterwards we combine the dry with a knife before moving to our hands." They worked together to add in the flour, nuts, and chocolate chips before grabbing a pan protected by parchment paper and rolling out the cookie dough. By the time they were complete the kitchen was a mess, both Tinúviel and Irlina were covered in flour, and neat balls of dough were baking in the oven over a tostey fire. "With luck they will be ready by the time we have cleaned up!" the blue faenin grabbed the bowl and took it over to the kitchen sink. "Wanna bring those chairs over to this side now so we can put things away before anyone realizes what we have done? He had decided at this point the cookies could be a surprise for everyone instead of just himself and Irlina. He had made a larger batch than expected so there would be plenty to go around. "We can see how well they stack up to Malis' cookies even. I'm pretty confident your decision to add in some nutmeg with the vanilla will make them even better than hers!" He gave a wink to the crimson kittom before getting to work on the dishes.

     "Yeah, that sounds like fun!" Irlina had enjoyed making the cookies, almost as much as she was sure she would enjoy eating them. She figured they could make a little picnic out in the gardens where the sakura blossoms were blooming and enjoy the spring sun. While the weather was still a little chilly, the days were bright and slowly getting warmer. This was the perfect weekend activity and she was glad she had come up with the idea!


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MYO-ELN233: Tinúviel Astraea

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