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29 June 2021, 23:59:15 PDT (3 weeks ago)
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About Silverfin Glows: While they might look unassuming by themselves, these Silverfin Glows prefer to keep themselves safe in large schools that quite often look like giant glowing sea monsters or huge deep sea whales. Their dark bodies blend perfectly into the darker reaches of the lake so that only their bioluminescent markings can be visible. Many a visitor has told a tale of spotting a 'huge glowing creature' swimming around the branches of the Silveil Eldertree which most of the locals encourage with a knowing smile. While Silverfin themselves are not tasty eating their preferred food, the Red Sea Spine, is an invasive species so schools are often encouraged to grow and thrive with the hope they keep the Spine population down to a manageable level.

Close-up of kittoms:

AP: Silveil
Elnin AP is for: Aryndell -
Other elnin: ELN2297 -



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