Submission (#23) Approved

20 August 2020, 01:00:26 PDT (11 months ago)
1 December 2020, 00:04:43 PST (7 months ago) by AliLV


EC Reward: Gift Entry
Prompt Completion: 6EC
Bank Adjustments: 32 -> 38

Region Affinity Reward:
For Elnin: ELN1165 You have earned 1 AP for Region: Bellmoril


It had been a long, interesting, but fun dark season in Silveil. Ametrine had been helping out Astraea with her studies and spending the evenings in her tiny abode playing all manner of board games and card games, messy crafts, and creative baking. The work had been especially interesting and he had learned a ton and still had a few questions which would have to wait for the next season. Still, even though he enjoyed the season if miasma, he was feeling the pull of going back home to Belmoril. The kittom missed the golden leaves of the ever-present autumn, he missed the bustling town, and his usual customers. He missed the bakery with the early morning tarts and the evening pastries. While he enjoyed the bright and entertaining personality of Astra, he was ready for the contrasting mild temperament of Talia. Ametrine started folding his clothes ready to pack for the long trip back home to the town he had fallen in love with. The contrast with the darkness of Silveil was great. Even though the forest was pretty dense where he lived, the golden tones of the leaves and the warmer, brighter sunlight that filtered through was home. Ameh missed the quiet town with its hidden book shops and market full of home-made crafts and trinkets. He missed the honeycakes that were Talia's specialty. Astraea had already eaten most of the stash he brought for her, which he couldn't really blame her for. In a day or two he would be back to the cobblestone streets and tiled roofs of Belmoril and he would be back home. The kittom knew he would end up dreaming about coming back to visit Astra again soon but for now he was content to feel his wonderlust ebb and his desire to return to his normal life once more.


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