Quick End of June Update!

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Covering a few things as the month wraps up here!

Moderator News

Staffing will be a bit lighter this week. Starbask is on vacation, so some of her usual tasks will not be covered until her return late next week. Design approvals may experience some delays just due to the new nature of the subspecies, and not all staff being present to tackle some harder questions should they arise.

As mentioned in the last news post, Moderator Applications are open now! Go check it out if you have interest in possibly being a mod! Sorry for the delays on this front. Things have been a bit busy!

General Reminders for Prompts
The Seasonal Prompt Ends June 30th at 11:59pm PDT time, as does June's monthly prompt!

If you haven't gotten to participating in the seasonal prompt for this quarter of the year, it wraps up at the end of this month. Be sure to take a look and get submissions in if you're inclined!

July's prompt will go live on the 1st of the month as expected, so no delays there!

Patreon Helpdesk

We've redone the patreon helpdesk and shifted it over to the WoE site to hopefully cover some general patreon-related info and FAQs, as well as give a new home to the updated Lifetime Noble Reward Slot form. You can check out the updated page here if you are a patron and curious!



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