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For the month of May we'll be hosting a raffle for 15 Overwild (Aquatic) Tail Tokens. We're reposting the information here since once the prompt closes people may still need form access and access to the rules/guidelines for these tokens, so we've moved the information over to a news post as well!

As an aside, additional info can be found on the Overwild (Aquatic) tail entry in our encyclopedia for those of you trying to ponder out tail ideas. We know there's still some that have come up that we're still woking through but we'll expand upon the trait entry as we work through questions.

Please read below for additional info on how to enter and rules. Completing May's monthly prompt will not automatically enter you for this raffle, you will need to submit a response to a google form so please keep this in mind!


May Raffle Details


  • To be entered into the Overwild (Aquatic) tail raffle pool, you must have completed a submission for this month's prompt ( [M-065] Watery Wonders).
  • This raffle will be rolled on June 4th, with an exact time pending!

Submission Process:

If your submission is soft-rejected, the mod who did so will explain the requirement you missed and you will need to fix it before re-submitting it. We will not be giving leeway for edits this month relative to the raffle. If your edits are not made and submitted before the 3rd of June, you will not be allowed to enter the raffle. The raffle form will close June 3rd at 11:59pm PST.

  • Complete your prompt piece.
  • Submit your piece to the [M-065] Watery Wonders prompt.
  • Once your entry is approved by a moderator on site, please fill out the form for the raffle you are eligible to join:

Item being Raffled:

  • Overwild (Aquatic) Tail Token x15
    • 5 pools for group members who have never won an Overwild (Aquatic) tail before who meet the entry requirement.
    • 10 pools for any group members who meet the entry requirement, including those who have never won an Overwild (Aquatic) tail before.
    • While we do not do this for every raffle, if a moderator is rolled for any pool, we will add an additional pool to the raffle within that same section. For example, if a moderator who has never won an Overwild (Aquatic) tail style from a past raffle is rolled in the first 5 pools, another additional pool will be added to that section, and so on.


  • Tokens will be raffled off to entrants, but each entrant can only win a max of 1 token. If you win a token, you may not win another.
  • These tokens are considered free gifts, so these tokens will have zero added resale value.
  • These tokens are not MYO slots/characters. If you do not own an elnin, you may choose to hold onto the token until you have an elnin you wish to apply it to.
  • The tokens themselves can't be traded, gifted, swapped, etc. They must be used on an elnin/kittom you own and art must be updated for the token to be removed from your inventory. We will not be adding the tail style to an elnin's notes section. The token must be attached to the design update of the elnin it is being used on with the respective art change.
    • Keep in mind you absolutely may not trade this token at all whether it's for art, under the table, etc. If you do not want the token any longer, please submit a ticket on site and a moderator will remove it from your account to be re-raffled off to the community at a later time. (Specifics will be announced should this come up.)
    • If you are found attempting to trade a token from this raffle, you will receive a warning and the token will be removed from your account. If the token is discovered to be part of any under the table trades after its use, both you and the other party will receive warnings. You can, of course, trade your elnin with the Overwild (Aquatic) tail after, but it should not have been part of a deal made prior to the application of the token.
    • Any group member found soliciting winners for their tokens will also be warned for doing so. If you win a token and are approached by another group member to trade your free gift, you are welcome to submit a ticket to the moderator team on site and we will handle it. We may take more severe actions than just a warning if a user is found to be persistently soliticing the same user or soliciting other winners. Please be kind to fellow group members. No one wants to be harassed for something they won.
  • Free gifts in this group are free gifts. Any profiting or attempting to profit from them by way of trade is frowned upon and grounds for a warning. As users must enter themselves manually into these raffles, we will be taking this to mean you want the token for yourself. Trading or attempting to trade implies otherwise and will not be tolerated, as it is directly taking opportunities away from other community members that participated. Again, if you do not want the token at a later time, you may always give it back to the group via submitting a ticket and allowing the moderator team to re-raffle it off at a later time.
  • Use of this token on an elnin will apply a 1 month cooldown
    • This cooldown starts when the design update art is finished and approved by the moderator team via design updates.
  • Prompt entries must be submitted by 5/31, 11:59pm PST.
  • If your prompt entry has been soft-rejected, the fixed entry must be resubmitted by 6/2, 11:59pm PST at the latest. After your prompt is approved, you may enter the form.
  • Entries that miss either of these deadlines are not eligible for the token prizes. No extensions, no exceptions.
  • If you fear you may have somehow entered the raffle form twice by accident (via being signed in through another family member's account or some other means) please submit a ticket! The form will be limited to 1 response per google account so if we see names appearing twice we will reach out via modberry prior to June 3rd PST time. If we do not get a prompt response before the time the tokens are raffled on June 3rd, then any names found to have entered more than once will be entirely removed, both the initial entry and the duplicate entry.


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