End of the Year Update

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Hi all! Here with a quick winter update!

Year's End Modcation

Moderator staff will be taking off the last week of December and the first week of January. This was mentioned in a prior news update but we wanted to toss it out there with this one as well.

The last week of December and first week of January (12/24/22-1/7/22) will be considered weeks "off" for staff.

This is so group members can expect to see limited to no responses during those weeks. Some mods will occasionally work during designated break periods, but we do not ask them to during these times. Please be patient during the weeks we've marked as off for staff and not to ask for status updates on things. Some of us are workaholics and find it difficult not to want to respond. Thank you for working with us to have a chill holiday season! Prompts will for sure be posted up January 1st, but if you're eager to try to get things approved sooner please submit them prior to the weeks of modcation.

Guidelines Updates and Inclusions

There have been a few trait and lore updates we've gotten feedback and finally moved onto the site.

Trait Updates

  • The Grafted Anima mutation has been created and has a description, examples, and a little bit of lore.
  • The Sectoral Heterochromia mutation is being renamed to Decora Anima with updates to allow for more variation in how this mutation can be displayed and now includes some examples of how it interacts with some other mutations.
    • Note: Please be patient with us as we get used to the adjustments made with this mutation. There's a lot more room for creativity with this mutation now but we still have to make sure all anima mutations an elnin might have are visible.

As always, this is an ongoing process so we'll be updating stuff as we go! Thanks everyone for the patience with us as we get through this!

Community Poll

In the past year or so we've noticed some advertisements in our group bundling elnin designs with non-elnin designs. We're curious to get WoE community members' thoughts on this topic. Is this something the community wants to continue to allow and have advertised in official group spaces? Should this be altogether not allowed within the group ToS and this type of advertising not appear in official group spaces? Maybe a mix of still an allowed practice but not allowed to be advertised in official group spaces?

We would like to know! The results of this poll will remain anonymous and do not guarantee that changes will be made. The results may inform decisions we make in the future.

Please do not discuss this topic anywhere publicly in our group discord. Any posts found publicly discussing this topic will be removed, no questions asked. You may inquire publicly if anyone would like to discuss the topic in private with you, and then take the discussion to your DMs. Harassment of users to disclose their thoughts/poll submission will not be tolerated.

We don't want to create an environment where group members may feel pressured to respond to the poll any certain way. We understand there may be varying thoughts and feelings on this topic. Ultimately the WoE staff want to know if this is something that is fine left as is or if there's a broader desire to see change in this specific area.

Community Poll Link: [RESPOND TO THE POLL HERE]

  • This poll requires you to sign into google to submit a response.
  • You can edit your response to this poll by returning to the link above while logged into the same account you submitted the form as.
  • No email or personal info will be collected/responses are anonymous, requiring you sign in just ensures you can edit your poll response.

This poll will be open until the end of January, 1/21/23 at 11:59pm PST time! So if you have thoughts or feelings about this topic please share them!

On the Horizon

The World of Eyre staff have a few major goals we want to accomplish this new year. Our aim is to have the following two things begin some time towards the beginning of next year (ideally January some time, but if any bumps in the road are hit it may take a bit longer).

  1. Our first goal for January is to create an opportunity for group members to earn a MYO using group currency.
  2. Our second goal for January is to reopen the Sanctuary.
    • We may discuss what happens to existing sanctuary designs but at this time the priority is just to get the sanctuary system reopened.

We do not have any further details at this time that are ready to be shared but look out for news posts early next year if either of these projects sound like they interest you!



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