Late Fall Update

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Hi everyone! How is it November already?

A Quieter Fall

Most have probably noticed we had a pretty quiet October this year in terms of events, but we haven't forgotten Feyhallow. We decided that we won't be doing a guest artist event this Feyhallow. The team was quite ambitious with our goals for Starfall Faire this year.

Currently, we want to try to focus on some other quality of life goals for the last chunk of the year here (November through December). With that in mind, we'll just be doing prompt and activity based raffles this Feyhallow. Nothing quite as grand as past years elaborate puzzles, but we hope community members will still enjoy what we have planned! More info can be found below relative to that, but we want to start by talking a bit about prompts in the group.

Prompt Updates

The moderator team has been mulling over some ideas of what we can add prompt-wise while still keeping prompt approval overhead mangable for the team. This is what we've decided on!

One new bonus has been added to the monthly prompt (M-###)!

  • Group members can now earn an additional 1EC for including their elnin's pomu alongside their elnin in that prompt. This bonus will be present moving forward unless there's a very compelling reason for the team to remove it.

Changes and additions to monthly regular prompts:

  1. "[MR-002] Gift Giver" now allows up to 2 submissions a month, where group members can earn up to 2EC per submission, for a total of 4EC per month for this prompt.
  2. We've added "[MR-003] Regional Flora" where group members can earn an additional 1AP overall for designing a new regional plant and including it among other iconic regional features in a background. (No elnin required for this one!)
  3. We've added "[MR-004] Upright Eyresian" where group members can earn up to 2EC for drawing or designing a clothed gijinka or bipedal form for an elnin. This can be for your own elnin or a gift for someone else, but be sure to get permission if you plan to do gift art. Make sure to also read other guidelines for this new prompt since we've addressed a few concerns that might arise with gijinka forms.

We're excited to broaden our monthly prompts a bit more. There's other ideas we have yet that we would like to add prompt-wise but we want to add things slowly just to make sure we're still keeping up with everything alright. If workloads are too steep for existing staff we'll reassess staffing needs but currently this is where we're at and plan to be for a while.

View our monthly prompts here!

Feyhallow Raffles And An Activity

For the month of November we'll have an activity running and a few raffles.

Some Prompt Raffles

There are two raffles being hosted this month!

  1. The Feyhallow MYO/Growth/Upgrade Slot Raffle
  2. The Feyhallow Mutation Raffle

Both raffles require group members to complete the monthly prompt to participate. The second raffle (the Feyhallow Mutation Raffle) additionally requires users to own a elnin/kittom and have also completed the November 2022 Activity mentioned further below in this news post.

Doing the monthly prompt ( [M-059] Feyhallow Frights) will allow you to enter the raffle for some MYO slots though if that interests any community members looking to get their first elnin!

More details about the prompt raffles can be found here: [November 2022 Feyhallow Raffle] further info (and the raffle details reiterated) can be found on the prompt itself ( [M-059] Feyhallow Frights).

November 2022 Activity

The activity this November is a bit of a hat tip to some past lore and events we've done around this time of the year. You can earn up to 2EC by participating in the activity! If you own an elnin and do the monthly prompt and this activity you can also enter a second mutation-based raffle.

It's worth noting if you do not own an elnin you can still participate in the activity, there is a mini-prompt for owners and a separate one for those still working on getting their first elnin.

More details about the activity available this month can be found here: [November 2022 Activity]

Feyhallow Masterlist Card Frames

Is your elnin feeling spooky? Well then they just might be looking to pick up a the masterlist card frame this month!

The Feyhallow card frame in the Card Frame Merchant's shop for the rest of November, until 11/30/22 at 11:59pm PST time! So get your frames while you can.  ^^b

Group Negativity and General Etiquette Reminder

These past few months we’ve been noticing in the Berry Bazaar discord that the general chat, and especially the patreon channel, has at times become grounds for airing negativity and grievances about the group. While we don’t expect users to always agree with how things are handled in the group, we do ask that discussions be kept constructive rather than complaining over how something has been handled.

If you have concerns over something pertaining to you, whether this is feedback given for a design approval that you don’t quite agree with, or that you feel the way that certain systems are being handled could be improved and wish for clarification, please submit these as support tickets on the WoE site, and the moderator team will work with you on this. Please note that this will take time, and does not guarantee we’ll have a solution right away or that the offered solution will be what you want, but it will be much more productive than complaining about it in public spaces, as not only does this not resolve the issue, but also makes those spaces uninviting and stressful to others who may or may not be involved.

If you wish to offer suggestions on things you would want to see in the group, whether this be more prompt options, types of events, currency distribution, etc, please use the suggestions channel for this. Please note that the suggestions channel is only for offering suggestions, and not a channel meant for lengthy discussion. If you agree or disagree with a suggestion, please indicate this using the up and down arrow emotes. Do not ping others for their opinion if the user doesn’t explicitly state that they wish to discuss their decision, as no one is required to defend their decision, whether this be positive or negative. Please be respectful to others.

Moving forward, we would like to see less public complaints and negativity, and ask that these be directed to the appropriate channels, whether this be through tickets or constructive feedback in the suggestion channel. Users are free to discuss ideas in the general chat, but please keep these discussions constructive. If we continue to see these conversations taking a negative direction, we will begin issuing warnings. Please be kind to your fellow members and moderators, and treat others how you would want to be treated.

We are regularly looking at what areas of the group can be improved, and understand that the time it takes the team to make improvements can be frustrating. We just want to be clear that the less constructive and more negative feedback is the harder it is for the team to focus on what we can do better for the group. Everyone, whether they’re a group member or moderator, has difficulties they face on a regular basis in life. As a group we want to provide a welcoming and positive space for everyone but that’s hard to accomplish if negativity is regularly being vented in these positive-oriented safe spaces. No one wants to be in, or work around, that type of environment.

MYO Slot Restrictions and Trade Cooldown Reminder

Earlier in October we were seeing more of this coming up in trade journals and our discord trading channels specifically, for context! So we just want to remind users that MYO slots themselves cannot be offered for trade until a design has been submitted and their cooldown is completed, and thus should not be advertised within group spaces.

We also want to give a reminder that elnins should not be advertised for trade or resale until their respective cooldown has been completed as well. Any MYO slots or elnins on cooldowns being offered for trades/resales will be asked to be removed until their respective cooldown has been completed. We wanted to post a general reminder about this a few weeks back but it got delayed, so we're just grouping it with this news post. This doesn't pertain to anything that's come up very recently.




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