November 2022 Activity

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Hi everyone! We’ll be running this activity from now until the end of November!

Overarching Rules
  • Activity answers/responses will be submitted via claim using the appropriate activity form provided alongside the activity below.
  • Claims can be submitted from now until November 30th, 11:59pm PST.
  • Activity claims submitted after 11:59pm PST on November 30th will be rejected.
  • There will be no edit period past the activity end time, so please do not submit or resubmit anything late!
  • That said, if you submit an activity claim and it gets rejected for whatever reason, you’re still free to resubmit a new claim with revisions as long as it’s before the activity end time stated above.
Activity: A Strange Dream
  • If you own an elnin:
    • Your elnin is experiencing a strange dream where they imagine they have a trait they didn't have before! Are they surprised by it? What single new feature do they discover isn't quite what it was before falling into their deep slumber. This can be anything from an existing mutation like luminous suffusion, something more odd like finding antennae atop their head, or something wholly new (like gooey slimy paw pads). It must be just a single trait though, nothing that entirely changes the whole appearance of the elnin to the point they cannot be recognized anymore!

  • If you do not own any elnin:
    • Years ago masked elnin wandered through portals into the mysterious Aegis Veil. The masks at times did strange things to those who entered with them, but what if the masks were thrown through the portals themselves? Design a mask and the creature it might transform into upon crossing through the veil.


  • You can earn a maximum of 2EC from doing this activity.
  • You can either write or draw submissions for this activity.
  • We reserve the right to potentially make traits or creatures depicted in entries canon if desired (though this is not guaranteed).
    • Do not use another CS or copywritten character or item as part of your submission. We're looking for ideas that are as original as possible. It doesn't have to be entirely unique but we shouldn't be seeing strong/near identical references to other works/games/CS/etc.
  • For Drawn submissions:
    • (If you own an elnin) The elnin art must be a fullbody image and have only one trait adjustment overall. The elnin should almost entirely resemble its usual appearance.
    • (If you do not own an elnin) The creature must be a fullbody drawing of a critter and a mask that shares similar motifs that the creature is based off of.
  • For written submissions:
    • Submissions must be 300-500 words total.
    • (If you own an elnin) Be sure to clearly describe what the new trait or feature they're seeing is and how it's different compared to other features/markings/traits they normally have. You can describe what the elnin normally looks like as a part of this if you wish!
    • (If you do not own an elnin) Be sure to describe what the mask looks like and what materials it is made out of. How are certain motifs the mask shows reflected in the creature that seems to come from it?
    • Stories must be written in English.
      • It doesn’t need to be perfect English as long as the theme you’re trying to get across is clear!
  • Nothing in these submissions is canonical or real. This is just for fun. We may consider some of these ideas for the group in the future but we want to be clear that by doing this activity your elnin will not acquire real traits and no one actually knows what all the Aegis Veil holds so this is all dream or speculation!

Activity Form

Please use the following forms in the "Comment" box when submitting your activity claim.

  • If you own an elnin
    • Trait Name:
    • ELN ID #
    • (If written) Word count:
    • URL Link to your art/writing: (Please use a discord image link or a link. We want to be sure links don't expire before we get to reviewing them and other sources have at times failed on us. Written pieces can just be entered into the "comment)
  • (If you do not own an elnin)
    • Mask name:
    • (If written) Word count:
    • URL Link to your art/writing: (Please use a discord image link or a link. We want to be sure links don't expire before we get to reviewing them and other sources have at times failed on us. Written pieces can just be entered into the "comment)

Please submit your submission as a claim under the “Current Activity Participation” category here ( You can use this link for the “URL” field: Remember to attach 2EC to your claim for doing the activity.

Final notables

If you:

  1. Own elnin
  2. Have done the monthly prompt ( [M-059] Feyhallow Frights)
  3. Participate in this activity

Then don't forget you can submit an entry to the 2022 Feyhallow Mutation Raffle Form. For more info read the news post here [November Feyhallow Raffle]!

This activity should be submitted via claim. This isn’t meant to be a high pressure activity, just something small and fun to earn a little extra EC.



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