Please read before contacting me!

Do not ask to be pinged/notified if I decide to rehome a design, previous owner only for 'ping'  (see spoiler for detailed info) 

Generally just be polite and I'll be polite too! Art is a hobby and is meant to be a fun time for me, not extra stress. 

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There are 2 exceptions for Ping / Resell Notifications:

1st:  Previous Owners - I allow ping/notify requests from the direct previous owner of a design I own (the person I get the design from).. Example:  I acquire a design from the 3rd owner of a design. "Owner 3" may ask to be notified first if I decide to resell in the future, but the owners before them cannot. It stresses me out trying to think of who to contact first/what to do if multiple people say they want to buy it back (assuming I'm looking for basic resells). Why do I allow previous owners?  I frequently buy emergency resells so as a courtesy I offer the previous owner the freedom to ask.  

I have been in the situation of regretting the sale of a design and would have loved to have been told the new owner was not connecting, so I make that a priority for my ownership. 


2nd:  Original Designer - if asked to let the original artist know I usually allow that,  too


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