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12/23 . ♀ . Game art student

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"The fire inside us will grow ~"

Hewo ! <3
I'm a french student artist and i love Elnins ! I hope i will be able to improve my skills when i draw them >w<
Feel free to talk to me on discord, i don't bite ! I would love to make new friends, i'm just shy as english is not my native language and i don't want to bother people, but i will do my best ! ;w;/

You can always ask for any relationships with my elnins! So we would talk about it as some of them already have official mate/kids/family etc but i'm always open to new things <3
However, please keep in mind that they will never be for resell or trade unless I said it on a post, so don't offer for them, i would just ignore you and... that would be sad ;u;

Have a nice day and take care ! <3 

52 EC
93 SC

Overwild (Aquatic) Token

Oddly-Colored Pomu Token

"Starfall Faire" Card Frame

Patreon Lifetime Noble Slot Token

Returning Light