Eeviebun Eeviebun

Hello! I'm Eevie AKA Melon, I am a gender queer adult- but I don't really care what gender you use for me just so long as I know you are mentioning me :)
I live in a temperate climate, somewhere over the rainbow. I'm an animal lover, DnD enthusiast, casual gamer, occasional artist, and health science major.
I don't really like talking to people online all that much save for a few friends, but the most important stuff to know is as follows:
I'm quite honest and kind, I also don't like dealing with a lot of nonsense in relationships. I'm also an optimist, hoping the best out of any situation. 

Nice ta meet ya!

13 EC
57 SC

Overwild (Aquatic) Token

"Feyhallow" Card Frame
"Starfall Faire" Card Frame
"Feyhallow" Card Frame