INFJ - Taken - Scorpio - 30ish

Prick your finger it is done

The moon has now eclipsed the sun

Angel has spread its wings

The time has come for bitter things

I'm Baneful, a lazy artist from Scotland who really loves drawing animals and anthros and who has a closed species problem. I love all of my dudes a ton. I work full time to support myself and the things I want to buy. I won't lie to you and say I'm always availiable, but if you come to me with genuine concerns or genuine intentions I will be friendly. I've got no patience for people who are liars or don't respect people's tastes and the line between fiction and reality.

I rp all the time, usually with my partner and love, Toshi but also with my very close friends, all of my characters get frequent attention and appreciation. One day I dream of sharing my inner worlds with the rest of the world, but don't we all?

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107 SC
Peculiar Mirror

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