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4 June 2022, 13:10:30 PDT (3 weeks ago)
4 June 2022, 15:30:56 PDT (3 weeks ago) by tatter


regional affinity: Palu'au Islands
bonus elnin:


The storms have passed and the beach pristine after some cleanup which made it the perfect time to finally enjoy the tropical paradise with a splash in the crystalline waters! Aza would have been content to simply wash the sand from his paws and find a shady spot, but Jeanne had other ideas.. A quick dip would turn into a splash fight until both were too exhausted to do anything more than flop down under the nearest bit of shade, and melt into the sand. The halcyon days seemed to last an eternity while passing in the blink of an eye.


Reward Amount
Elecite Coins 8


Thumbnail for MYO-ELN300: Jeanne

MYO-ELN300: Jeanne

Reward Amount
Thumbnail for MYO-ELN370: Aza

MYO-ELN370: Aza

Reward Amount
AP (Palu'au) (Currencies) 1


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