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22 November 2021, 15:47:48 PST (2 months ago)
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Regional Affinity: Silveil

see content text for some info on the game they created/are playing


Xing and Ming are often traveling to Silveil to study the stars as a shared interest and this time met Jeanne while passing through her home in Faerindell who asked them to bring her along as she was looking for a nin who could bring her to Silveil regularly and Xing (+Ming) was a perfect fit. They've stopped traveling for the day (night?) and although they hadn't actually brought any real materials for games with them Xing's suggested a simple game the two kits could play to pass the time using the parchment, ink, and writing instruments they brought. Each kit takes turns looking up at the stars and creates a new constellation and story for how it came to be. Who said constellations could only be the ones recorded in olden times?


Reward Amount
Elecite Coins 8


Thumbnail for ELN490: MingYue 明月

ELN490: MingYue 明月

Reward Amount
AP (Silveil) (Currencies) 1
Thumbnail for MYO-ELN300: Jeanne

MYO-ELN300: Jeanne

Reward Amount