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[MR-002] Gift Giver

Category: Monthly Prompt

[Monthly Regular Prompt] Create gift art of someone else's elnin! — Show details for more info.


General Prompt Entry Rules and Guidelines

Please be sure you're familiar with our basic rules before continuing!
Monthly Regular prompts like this one will have slightly different "Quick Rules" so please read below to familiarize yourself with them!



This monthly regular prompt's "Quick Rules":

  • Entry Window: The 1st of the month until the last day of the month at 11:59pm PST.
    • Keep in mind month end dates will vary. We will be granting EC for this prompt based on the timestamp your prompt was submitted by, not when it was approved.
  • To Enter: Use the "Submit" button for this prompt!
  • Completion Reward:
    • [2EC] max per submission per month
  • Qualifying for EC:
    • Either:
      • Draw a fullbody piece of giftart of an elnin not owned by you.
      • Write a story that is 300 words (or more) about an elnin not owned by you.
    • Make sure if you do not own an elnin or you're doing art of someone else's elnin you have permission to draw or write for that character! You can find more information about this on our Gift Art Resources page!
    • An important note for writers: Some owners only allow drawn gift art since writing for characters with little personality info shown on their profile can be difficult. If an owner does not provide a method of contact they are alright being contacted at, or state outright they are alright receiving written gift art, we highly recommend finding a character or owner that does specify they are ok with written gift art. Do not approach users privately via offsite platforms/DMs unless they have been explicit on their profiles they are ok with as much! We don't want anyone feeling uncomfortable or like their personal spaces are being disregarded. If you're feeling stumped but only do writing you can also stop by our discord server (here) and inquire in the #character_connections channel to see if anyone would be alright with a written gift story for a character.
    • Under the "Characters" section, for your gift art submission please add the elnin(s)/kittom(s) depicted in the drawn or written gift art. If you are unable to do so please write that character's "Character Code" (ex. ELN001) in the comments section for your submission so they are identifiable, do not just give us their name, we will soft reject the submission and request that you add the "Character Code" in the comments for your submission.
  • Maximum Entries: [2] per month
  • Other:
    • Backgrounds are not required for this gift art prompt!
    • You may include additional elnin in your prompt, including elnin you own, just be sure at least one of the elnin you don't own that you're doing gift art for still has 75-80% of their body showing.
    • Backgrounds/props/additional elnin will not award more EC for this prompt if you decide to include them.
    • Please only submit newly created art. Please do not submit commissioned works or previously-created art or art done on reused bases.
    • As always, non-owners are more than welcome to enter!
    • Shading is no longer being required for prompts but flat colors are still required. Shading is now optional.
    • Collab pieces are not allowed for prompt submissions.
    • All submissions must be your own work. Works produced through the use of artificial intelligence are not accepted in this group.


If you're a non-owner looking for an Elnin to draw, or if you'd like to offer your Elnin for use to non-owners, please take a look over here at Our Gift Art Resources Page:


As usual, please feel free to ask questions if anything is unclear. Have fun!!


- FAQs -

Q: Are backgrounds mandatory?
A:  No! Not this prompt specifically.
Q: Are all art submissions of elnin/kittoms that belong to someone else?
A: Yes! You should not own the elnin/kittom you are doing gift art of.
Q: Can I include my own elnin in the gift art?
A:  Yes, just be sure the elnin you don't own that you are doing gift art for is still the primary subject of a submission/is still 75-80% visible.
Q: Can I give my gift art piece a background?
A: Yes! You can submit a background with your gift piece if you wish but we will not be reviewing gift art piece backgrounds for AP.
Q: Can I write a story about another user's elnin as gift art?
A:  Yes, but make sure you check if the user is ok with a written story or gift art. A user may have information on their elnin's profile or their own profile relative to what types of gift art they are comfortable with receiving for their elnin. If they do not specify but have marked their elnin as allowing gift art you'll want to reach out to them first, just make sure they are ok being contacted! If they indicate they do not wish to be contacted or do not provide a preferred means of contact via dA or discord you may want to choose a different elnin to do gift art for. Alternatively you can check in the group's discord and if anyone has characters they would be comfortable accepting a gift story for! Some users may not allow written gifts if they are concerned about their elnin's personality being inaccurately portrayed.


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