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[M-053] Spring Sweep

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Ends: 1 June 2022, 00:03:00 PDT (3 days from now)

#53 Draw or write about your elnin or kittom doing a bit of cleaning now that the miasma season and perilous weather have passed!


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A Fishy Raffle

For the month of May we'll be hosting a raffle for 10 Overwild (Aquatic) Tail Tokens. Please read below the prompt's description for additional info on how to enter and rules. Completing this month's prompt will not automatically enter you for this raffle, you will need to submit a response to a google form so please keep this in mind!

The Regional Affinity information has its own broader resource here: [Regional Affinity Guide]! Please make sure you include the correct info for verifying your prompt qualifies for AP. Thank you!

General Prompt Entry Rules and Guidelines

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This month's "Quick Rules":

  • Entry Window: 05/01 - 05/31 11:59pm PST.
  • To Enter: Use the "Submit" button for this prompt!
  • Completion Reward: 6EC
  • Bonuses:
    • One of the following:
      [For written entries] Word count reaches 900: 2EC
      [For drawn entries] Including a second elnin/kittom (or other CS): 2EC
      • Second elnin/kittom must be 75-80% visible to claim this bonus!
    • Plus:
      [Regional Affinity] You're able to acquire 1 AP for this prompt if the background drawn fits the region! Please remember to make it visually distinct to the region, not a random wall, table, grass, tree, etc. You can have a background not themed towards a specific region, but it will not count for this bonus. (See the [Regional Affinity Guide] to learn more about this bonus. For specific guidelines on qualifying for AP for a region you will want to reference the Regional Affinity Guide and the background resources on the page of the region you want to earn AP for!)
      Qualifying for AP: In order to verify that your piece qualifies for an Affinity Point (AP), please add the following information to your prompt submission comment text:
      • Regional Affinity: [ Eyre Region name (e.g. Ahza, Bellmoril, Ealei, Enmir, Faerindell, Kyendi, Palu'au Islands, Silveil, Strynhalde, Zevija ) ]
      • Elnin: [ Link to masterlist entry or their ELN# from the masterlist ]
  • Maximum Entries: [1]
  • Other:
    • All entries must include a background.
    • Please only submit newly created art. Please do not submit commissioned works or previously-created art or art done on reused bases.
    • As always, non-owners are more than welcome to enter!
    • Shading is no longer being required for prompts but flat colors are still required. Shading is now optional.
    • Collab pieces are not allowed for prompt submissions.
    • Please include the masterlist number of all elnin present in your prompt submission! Thank you!


Art by FruitCrepe

 "Spring Sweep"

#53 Draw or write about your elnin or kittom doing a bit of cleaning now that the miasma season and perilous weather have passed!

The miasma has eased up across the regions and most would be considered fairly beautiful in terms of weather normal for each region. Well, aside from perhaps Zevija where the region itself is not very hospitable, but a little cleaning can liven up any place, right? Ok, Zevija's still going to struggle but an elnin can try! What sort of cleaning tasks is your elnin up to? Are they cleaning around their home and opening up the windows to let some fresh air in? Surely there's a lot to organize and clean up.
Maybe too much time has been spent indoors already and elnins are ready to get out into nature again and lend a helping paw cleaning up outdoors. Are they helping pick up stray trash blown around by last month's weather? Maybe some elnin needs help pulling weeds that are sprouting in their gardens or agricultural fields. It's time to get the broom and pomu out and clean up a bit. Who knows, with all this cleaning somenin may just end up coming out smelling a bit fishier.

May Raffle Details


  • To be entered into the Overwild (Aquatic) tail raffle pool you must have completed a submission for this month's prompt ( [M-053] Spring Sweep).
  • This raffle will be rolled on June 5th, with an exact time pending!

Submission Process:

If your submission is soft rejected, the mod who did so will explain the requirement you missed and you will need to fix it before re-submitting it. We will not be giving leeway for edits this month relative to the raffle. If your edits are not made and submitted before the 4th of June you will not be allowed to enter the raffle. The raffle form will close June 4th at 11:59pm PST.

  • Complete your prompt piece.
  • Submit your prompt piece to this prompt.
  • Once your entry is approved by a moderator on site please fill out the form for the raffle you are eligible to join:

Item being Raffled:

  • Overwild (Aquatic) Tail Token x10


  • Tokens will be raffled off to entrants, but each entrant can only win a max of 1 token. If you win a token you may not win another.
  • These tokens are considered free gifts, so these tokens will have zero added resale value.
  • These tokens are not MYO slots/characters. If you do not own an elnin you may choose to hold onto the token until you have an elnin you wish to apply it to.
  • The tokens themselves can't be traded, gifted, swapped, etc. They must be used on an elnin/kittom and art must be updated for the token to be removed from your inventory. We will not be adding the tail style to an elnin's notes section, the token must be attached to the design update of the elnin it is being used on with the respective art change.
    • Keep in mind you absolutely may not trade this token at all whether it's for art, under the table, etc. If you do not want the token any longer please submit a ticket on site and a moderator will remove it from your account to be re-raffled off to the community at a later time. (Specifics will be announced should this come up.)
    • If you are found attempting to trade a token from this raffle you will receive a warning and the token will be removed from your account. If the token is discovered to be part of any under the table trades after its use both you, and the other party will receive warnings. You can, of course, trade your elnin with the Overwild (Aquatic) tail after, but it should not have been part of a deal made prior to the application of the token.
    • Any group member found soliciting winners for their tokens will also be warned for doing so. If you win a token and are approached by another group member to trade your free gift you are welcome to submit a ticket to the moderator team on site and we will handle it. We may take more severe actions than just a warning if a user is found to be persisting to solicit the same user or soliciting other winners. Please be kind to fellow group members. No one wants to be harassed for something they won.
  • Free gifts in this group are free gifts. Any profiting or attempting to profit from them by way of trade is frowned upon and grounds for a warning. As users must enter themselves manually into these raffles we will be taking this to mean you want the token for yourself. Trading or attempting to trade implies otherwise and will not be tolerated as it is directly taking opportunities away from other community members that participated. Again, if you do not want the token at a later time you may always give it back to the group via submitting a ticket and allowing the moderator team to re-raffle it off at a later time.
  • Use of this token on an elnin will apply a 1 month cooldown
    • This cooldown starts when the design update art is finished and approved by the moderator team via design updates.
  • Prompt entries must be submitted by 5/31, 11:59pm PST.
  • If your prompt entry has been soft rejected, the fixed entry must be resubmitted by 6/3, 11:59pm PST at the latest. After your prompt is approved you may enter the form.
  • Entries that miss either of these deadlines are not eligible for the token prizes. No extensions, no exceptions.
  • If you fear you may have somehow entered the raffle form twice on accident (via being signed in through another family members account or some other means) please submit a ticket! The form will be limited to 1 response per google account so if we see names appearing twice we will reach out via modberry prior to June 4th PST time. If we do not get a prompt response before the time the tokens are raffled on June 4th then any names found to have entered more than once will be entirely removed, both the initial entry and the duplicate entry.

If you're a non-owner looking for an Elnin to draw, or if you'd like to offer your Elnin for use to non-owners, please take a look over here at Our Gift Art Resources Page:


As usual, please feel free to ask questions if anything is unclear. Have fun!!


- FAQs -

Q: Are backgrounds mandatory?
A: Yes! A background is required for this month.
Q: I've done this month's prompt and I would like to enter the raffle for the Overwild (Aquatic) Tail Token. Can I?
A: Yes! Absolutely. Please fill out this form linked below. You will need a link to your prompt submission from either this month or last month!
Q: What if my cleaning is done indoors?
A: If you plan to earn AP you still must keep regional features visible or described in clear ways. If your elnin is cleaning indoors we recommend reading the Regional Affinity Guide which asks windows be included that show regional features clearly enough that we can distinguish where an elnin is.
Below are more details on weather and seasons from the Lore page on site!
"Seasons" in Eyre are not temperature based and instead are largely based around the amount of miasma throughout Eyre. Weather can still vary a little in Eyre regions but those weather patterns align with what is expected of a certain region's typical environment. (For example frequent rain might occur in Kyendi given it's jungles, sandstorms in Azha where there are dry deserts, gentle rain showers in Palu'au and Faerindell, and snowy and sunny but cool days in Strynhalde.) Extreme deviations in weather like heat waves in Strynhalde or snow in Palu'au would not occur! Just mentioning this again since nice weather in Strynhalde would mean clear skies but snow would still be covering the ground and ever present!


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