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[S-1] Seasonal Lightbringers

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Draw or write about your elnin or kittom with their pomu lantern (or a friend with one) doing an activity they would want to partake in or usually do with their pomu! — Show details for more info.


This is a Seasonal prompt that will recur every year between January through March!

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  • Entry Window: 01/01 - 03/31 11:59pm PST.
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  • Completion Reward: 6EC
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    • One of the following:
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      [For drawn entries] Including a second elnin/kittom (or other CS): 2EC
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        • Second elnin/kittom must be 75-80% visible to claim this bonus!
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      • [Including a Pomu] You're able to acquire an additional 1 EC for this prompt by including a fullbody drawing of your elnin's pomu lantern (for drawn entries) or by including 1 paragraph of your elnin interacting with or describing their pomu's lantern (for written entries). (See the seasonal prompt "[S-1] Seasonal Lightbringers" to learn more about pomu lanterns at this special time of year! If you have any questions about pomu lanterns at all please ask them via support ticket or in the group discord's #questions channel.)
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        • Elnin: [ Link to masterlist entry or their ELN# from the masterlist ]
  • Maximum Entries: [1]
  • Other:
    • All entries must include a background.
    • Please only submit newly created art. Please do not submit commissioned works or previously-created art or art done on reused bases.
    • As always, non-owners are more than welcome to enter!
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Art by Wila-Chan

 "Seasonal Lightbringers"

Draw or write about your elnin or kittom with their pomu lantern (or a friend with one) doing an activity they would want to partake in or usually do with their pomu!


Miasma season has come and elnin pomus have once again entered a dormant state. At the beginning of every year all pomus enter a hibernation state, where their bodies transform into a chunk of anima crystal that casts a shimmering and warm light. Anima crystals match the pomu's host elnin's anima.
While in this form, pomus will float along behind their elnin host as if tethered by an invisible string. If separated or otherwise removed from the elnin's vicinity, the pomu crystal will simply vanish and reappear nearby. Some speculate that this hibernation state is caused by the miasmic suppression that happens at the start of the year. Being that pomus are highly sensitive to ambient mana shifts, this theory seems very likely.
As per tradition elnin are busy crafting lanterns designed to hold these floating pomu-crystals that can be seen trailing after them throughout their day. It has become an almost reverent act over the years, the lanterns being a symbolic light that banishes the oppressive darkness of winter. Many elnins will attach bells and pieces of parchment or fabric to their lantern with wishes written on them in hopes of bringing luck for the new year.
Once the lanterns are crafted though, elnin are sure to miss the extra set of hands and companionship their pomus provide. Are there any activities or sights they're longing to share with their small companion? Do they find themselves in a particularly difficult situation doing a few things their pomu would help them with and have to ask a friend to help out instead?  Perhaps a resourceful elnin uses the light their pomus crystal casts to get in some reading now that their books aren't being squirreled away in their shadows? What are elnin doing with their pomu lanterns?
(All adult elnin should have a pomu lantern visible in their prompt in some way. Kittoms can meet their pomus at a young age as well, so if you're not sure if a kittom can have a pomu lantern they surely can! If you kittom has not canonically met their pomu yet and you don't want to include a second elnin with one, consider using a different elnin, if you're able, or depiciting your kittom with perhaps an empty lantern they're toting around. One can never be too prepared for when their pomu may come into their life!)

If you're a non-owner looking for an Elnin to draw, or if you'd like to offer your Elnin for use to non-owners, please take a look over here at Our Gift Art Resources Page:


As usual, please feel free to ask questions if anything is unclear. Have fun!!


- FAQs -

Q: Are backgrounds mandatory?
A: Yes! A background is required for this prompt.


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