Starfall Faire Raffle 2023 Winners!

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The raffle for this year's Starfall seasonal raffle has concluded, and our winners are:

MYO/Growth/Upgrade Winners:

1. Noble : Nalico
2. Adventurer: missdevichi
3. Adventurer: Ayxoi
4. Adventurer: synicals
5. Kittom: Knife
6. Kittom: Alterial
7. Kittom: Keilin
8. Kittom: Strabi
9. Kittom: northfarer


Mutation Winners:

1. High Tier Limited (Bonded): Mewwsic
2. High Tier Limited (Bonded): Shadonut
3. High Tier Limited (Bonded): SmolPeep
4. High Tier Limited (Bonded): MewWolf
5. High Tier Limited (Bonded): Alibastar
6. High Tier Limited: CandyChameleon
7. High Tier Limited: Najishio
8. High Tier Limited: Milim
9. High Tier Limited: Casteds
10. High Tier Limited: Becci
11. Lower Tier Limited (Bonded): wander
12. Lower Tier Limited (Bonded): goomy-king
13. Lower Tier Limited (Bonded): ShinPurple
14. Lower Tier Limited (Bonded): ceruleansblue
15. Lower Tier Limited (Bonded): binghu
16. Lower Tier Limited: tara-elani
17. Lower Tier Limited: Katsuki
18. Lower Tier Limited: emacodo
19. Lower Tier Limited: Nekoyang
20. Lower Tier Limited: bisflorescentia
21. Exotic: Erilidae
22. Exotic: adgerelli
23. Exotic: Wila
24. Exotic: ghostaris
25. Exotic: KelpiePie
26. Rare: osteoh
27. Rare: SYLSYL12
28. Rare: umbral-wind
29. Rare: 404msg
30. Rare: Llew
31. Rare: blankshi
32. Rare: wolvesstrife
33. Rare: ForonGur
34. Rare: Yumehaeya
35. Rare: Giz
36. Uncommon: Kloana
37. Uncommon: Chickolates
38. Uncommon: DearRyufur
39. Uncommon: Malis
40. Uncommon: jahpan
41. Uncommon: BlackMajixCat
42. Uncommon: Vontier

DA notes have been sent out to the raffle winners for the MYO/Growth/Upgrade slots! The mutation winners will see those mutations added under each specified elnin's note tab in the next 24 hours or so!

Rolling took place in our discord #games_and_raffles channel today.

Anyone who didn't win a prize has received the 8 EC participation prize! Thank you everyone for your participation in this year's Starfall Faire Seasonal raffle!



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