Starfall Faire Activities 2023

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Hi everyone! We'll be running this activity from now until the end of September!

Overarching Rules
  • Activity answers/responses will be submitted via claim using the appropriate activity form provided below.
    • One claim submitted per user! Do not claim activities separately. We will only be approving 1 claim per person, so if you're doing more activities, wait until you are done with them all to submit your claim.
  • Claims can be submitted from now until September 30th, 11:59pm PST.
  • Activity claims submitted after 11:59pm PST on September 30th will be rejected.
  • There will be no edit period past the activity end time, so please do not submit or resubmit anything late!
  • That said, if you submit an activity claim and it gets rejected for whatever reason, you’re still free to resubmit a new claim with revisions as long as it's before the activity end time stated above
  • You can earn a maximum of 8EC if 4 (or more) activities are completed.
    • Each completed activity can earn up to 2 EC.
    • Certain activities (Activity 2 and 3) will award partial credit if a certain number of answers are correct.
      • Activity 2: Rewards 1EC for finding 6 (or more) words, while finding all 12 rewards 2EC.
      • Activity 3: Rewards 1EC for finding 5 (or more) differences, while finding all 10 rewards 2EC.
  • You cannot do more than 2 of the same kind of activity.
    • There are 4 kinds of activities:
      • Activity 1: Color a Mask/Lantern Template
      • Activity 2: Word Search
      • Activity 3: Find-the-Difference
      • Activity 4: Create a Starfall Faire Food or Drink
    • For example: You could color 2 mask/lantern templates and do 2 word searches, but you could not color 3 mask/lantern templates and do 1 find the difference.
Activity 1: Color a mask/lantern template!

Additional Guidelines

  • Please avoid referencing any copyright/franchise designs.
Activity 2: Word Search

Additional Guidelines

  • Word Searches must be completed individually. Answers should not be shared/posted publicly.
Activity 3: Find-The-Difference
  • Another booth you stumble upon seems to have an assortment of pictures. For some reason, you wonder why there seems to be duplicates of everything, though upon closer inspection, it seems there are trace differences. The booth attendant has a mischievous look in their eyes, and states that each picture has 10 differences to find. Are you able to spot them all?
    • Try to find the 10 differences in the templates below!
  • Templates:
    • Template 1 (Circle the differences on the right image.)
    • Template 2 (Circle the differences on the right image.)
    • Template 3 (Circle the differences on the bottom image.)
    • Template 4 (Circle the differences on the right image.)

Additional Guidelines

  • Circle the 10 differences you see on the template using a color that stands out, then link that picture in your form.
  • Templates must be completed individually. Answers should not be shared/posted publicly.
Activity 4: Create a Starfall Faire Food or Drink
  • While you sample the various tasty dishes at the festival, you're struck with inspiration, and want to try your hand on creating something truly faire-worthy. What do you decide to make?
    • Create a Starfall Faire-themed food or drink!

Additional Guidelines

  • We reserve the right to potentially make food or drink items depicted in entries canon if desired (though this is not guaranteed).
    • We're looking for ideas that are as original as possible. It doesn't have to be entirely unique but we shouldn't be seeing strong/near identical references to other works/games/CS/etc.
  • For Drawn submissions:
    • Draw a Starfall Faire-themed dish, and provide a small blurb on the name of the dish/ingredients used.
    • Drawings must be colored and show the entire dish.
  • For written submissions:
    • Provide a name for the dish, ingredient list, as well as instructions on how to make it.
    • Submissions must be written in English.
      • It doesn't need to be perfect English as long as the idea you're trying to get across is clear!
    • Submissions must be 300-500 words total.
  • Nothing in these submissions is canonical at this point. This is just for fun. We may consider some of these food ideas for the group in the future, so you must be willing to let these ideas be used by the group down the road.

Activity Form

Please use the following forms in the "Comment" box when submitting your activity claims. Please use a new form per activity in the comments.

  • Activity completed:
  • URL Link to your art/writing: (Please use a discord image link or a link. We want to be sure links don't expire before we get to reviewing them and other sources have at times failed on us. Written pieces can just be entered into the "comment" section.)

Please submit your submission as a claim under the "Current Activity Participation" category here ( You can use this link for the "URL" field: . Remember to adjust the EC amount to the number of activities completed! (Max 8 EC).

Click here to see an example of what a completed claim looks like.

Final Notables

These activities should be submitted via claim. These aren’t meant to be high pressure. Just something small and fun to earn a little extra EC.



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