April 2023 Update

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Happy April everyone! There's a lot of changes that we're hoping to roll out soon in April, as well as a few reminders and clarifications we would like to mention. So let's get to it!

Silvergrace Sanctuary Guideline Update

After some thought, we've decided to adjust the 1 AP (Any Region) earned on elnins that have been traded in with an exotic trait.

Elnin relinquished to the Sanctuary that have one or more exotic mutations will now be granted up to 1 hereditary exotic mutation instead of the 1 AP (Any Region) per exotic mutation they would have originally gotten. Please note that this means even if an elnin traded in has more than 1 exotic mutation, they will only earn 1 hereditary exotic mutation overall. The hereditary exotic mutation applied using this allowance must also have an associated region.

We realized a while back that since MYOs have no place to bank that AP, we could add it to the notes tab on a MYO, but it would be harder to keep track of. So instead, we'll just be setting it up this way to try to lessen moderator overhead and hopefully avoid any mistakes where AP goes missing in the future due to atypical logging methods for that currency. This change will also apply to any elnin that have been traded into the sanctuary prior to this update, meaning if they were initially granted 1 AP (Any Region) in exchange for every exotic mutation they had, this will be swapped to a single hereditary exotic mutation instead.

Questing Updates

New quests are on the horizon! This upcoming week, April 3rd-9th, we'll be moving to slowly roll out adjustments to our questing page, with new quests being added as the week goes on. This may take several days so please be patient with us as we get things added.

We would like to request that everyone save their questions about the new quests for the week following this update/release (starting April 10th) so that we can get all the changes live before turning our attention to questions. This should also give group members time to read and review the new information during that week, with reassurance that by the time the week is over, everything should be fully updated. We know there's a lot that needs to be added in this space, so we just don't want anyone to think updates are fully complete on day 1 if we couldn't add everything that fast. ^^b

I'll highlight some of the biggest changes we plan to make with this effort:

  1. The Questing Guide will be undergoing some wording revisions. Previously, this page was highly resonance-specific because that was the only quest we've had for a long time. Now we'll be aiming to make it a bit less Resonance Quest-specific. All of the same info for the Resonance Quest info will still be there, but wording will be adjusted to be more inclusive of other quests.
  2. We will be creating a Quest Directory page. Previously, our list of available quests was found at the bottom of our Questing Guide page. With the addition of more quests, this section will now have its own page.
  3. The Acts Directory page will no longer be a resource page on our site. We've been thinking about this for a while now, and although it's a good resource for an overview of all the resonance quest acts, we've historically had problems making sure wording revisions for those acts has been maintained both on this page and the specific act prompt listed on site. The information is duplicative, so moving forward, we'll be doing fewer detailed directory pages and keeping those pages more overview focused. Details for each act will be left under the details section where the act is submitted. Our Quest Directory will instead make an effort to link to specific groups of acts and categories where possible.
  4. We will be adding in a category for Special Quests. Special Quests will involve traits, mutations, or features in the group that typically are only acquirable through special means (e.g. Patreon Sales or Event Raffles) Not all traits/mutations/etc. will have a related Special Quest, but we may be adding more over time. At the moment, this quest category will not contain quests related to elnin subtypes or subtype-specific traits.

We want to highlight a few other very important things our group members will need to know about these quests, particularly the quests intended to allow the acquisition of mutations or traits that are not typically available through regular means (e.g. EC/SC or AP):

  • These quests are designed specifically to err more similar to how our mutation system works with a few differences, meaning they should not be compared to resonance quests in terms of workload.
  • These quests will be available year round, and they will not require you to spend AP.
  • The number of acts required to do these quests will be comparable to the number of prompts you would typically do to acquire a mutation of the same rarity, with an additional piece required beyond the standard amount.
  • These trait quests will generally include an additional 1 AP (Any Region) that users can put towards other goals they have for a character.
  • The number of times users can do a certain Special Quest will be limited on an annual basis. This may be adjusted later, but we're considering this first year (2023) a trial period to get a sense of the workload before deciding if we want to change our approach.
    • Please keep in mind, if this were limited by AP, you might only be able to complete less than a handful of quests in a year. This approach allows users to do potentially 6+ different quests annually at a variable pace if they wish, rather than it being dependent on all submissions being complete in a month.
    • We will be counting this based on when quest claims are submitted. So if you submit a quest claim in 2024, it would count towards that year's annual limits, even if your acts were completed or submitted in 2023. There will be no exceptions on this, so please be mindful of when you submit your claims!
  • Quests will exist for the following mutations/mana flaw traits: Cloud Breath, Fire Breath, Hydra Tail, Phantom Step, Oddly-Colored Pomu, Crystallization, Splintered Anima, Veins of Corruption, Gloom Kissed, and Capricious Shadow.
    • More mutations/mana flaw traits may be added at a later time. This is just a solid starting point for us.

Once all the new quests have been added, users will be able to start working on them. Please give moderators at least a month to review quests submitted to the Special Quest category. This is a fairly large release of quests, and with the quest length, we expect that approvals for these quests may take a bit. While we won't be aiming for these approvals to take a whole month, we don't want these approvals to compete too much with our regular monthly prompt approvals in terms of time commitments. We will be seeking additional mods in this area to support this effort as time goes on, but that process will follow this release and take some time to work through.

Subtype Trait And Mutation Updates

In preparation for the release of the djinn elnin subtype in the near future, for the first half of April, we are aiming to update trait guidelines for some subtype traits and mutations. We'll be starting with updating some of our current trait and mutation guidelines, and then getting into more specific or new mutations.

So what does this mean? What changes will community members start to see?

  • We'll be adding a "Variable" subtype. This will just be more or less a category rather than an actual subtype. We need a way to group traits that are subtype-related, but can vary depending on their subtype association (things like subtype-specific tails, miniature wings, winglets, etc). This is to lessen some of the redundancy of having different less uniquely-named mutations in existence.

  • With the addition of the variable categorization, searching for some broader subtype-specific mutations on the site will change. If someone needs to search for a mutation that can be variable, they will be able to search by the broader mutation name (like winglets) and see its specific type within the masterlist entry. If someone wants a more precise search result for a type of winglets, they'll need to do it by searching for something like the winglet mutation and with a certain type of subtype elnin selected (ex. If you want to look at winget (fae), you will need to look at the faenin subspecies. These will only be searchable through 1st-generation subtype elnin).

  • Subtype-related tails will be undergoing a name change, and will fall under the variable trait category. There will be some differences between how the tail types show on each subtype, much like their mutation counterparts. These tail types will be relatively consistent, specific, and generally on the simpler side. The most flexible tails in terms of depiction will not be subtype-specific, similar to how Hybrid tails and Overwild (Aquatic) are not considered subtype tails at all, but allow for a broad range of furred and aquatic style tails respectively.

  • Text guideline updates to subtype specific traits. We will announce when the subtype is fully released and all traits are fleshed out and fairly complete. Until that announcement is made, please refrain from asking about subtype-specific mutations without a related subtype MYO or character with a specific trait. We may add text and still be touching up visual guidelines, so we want to give Mana and the team some time to put out what we have as it comes. There's still quite a few examples we want to refine a bit more before sharing those art examples on site, so patience is appreciated!

  • Art guideline updates to subtype specific traits. We expect visuals will take some time, but we're aiming to have some available by the time the subspecies goes live, hopefully to help cover questions users may have about these traits after the announcement has been made.

Once again, thank you everyone for your patience with us as we make these updates. We know there might be some growing pains that come along with these additions, but we'll be keeping an eye on how things go and adjust where possible to try to keep things moving on all possible fronts.

Trading Reminders, Clarifications, and Changes
Relative to Soliciting Elnin

This was mentioned a while back in our group discord, but we wanted to make sure the message was reiterated on the site as well. It has come to our attention that users have been approaching people about buying/swapping their elnin when they've made no inclination that they have any desire to part with them.

This is a reminder that users should not be harassing people about buying/swapping their elnin, or guilt tripping anyone at all. Users found in excess of this harassment may have their incoming trading privileges temporarily suspended.

If someone has been harassing you about trading/swapping your elnin, please send the moderators a ticket with the details so that we can look into it. In the situation where a user has an older elnin and doesn't have a WoE account, you can send us a note to our Berry-Bazaar group on DeviantArt instead.

Transfer Reasons

This is a reminder to please include clear transfer reasons when you transfer an elnin to another user, whether it's a resale, trade, or gift. For gifts, this is also where you would mention if you would like a gifted elnin to keep their resale value, otherwise it will be assumed the gift is not intended to be resold and the resale value will be removed.To clarify, we do not require lengthy explanations, but if it’s not clearly stated whether a transfer is a resale, trade, or gift, then the involved group members become liable for any potential issues that might arise from not documenting the type of transfer.

Transfer Cool-downs

We've seen this come up a few times recently, so we wanted to clarify that if an elnin has an active transfer cool-down, group members should not be offering those characters in trades/swaps or for resale. We cannot help if trades progress faster than cool-downs pass. This is particularly concerning if half of a swap comes through sooner and then the other party backs out or does not follow through with their part of the trade. Be sure to use the trades feature on site whenever possible for swaps and make sure elnin are not being offered while they have cooldowns. Thank you!

Trading MYO slots

This has come up a few times as well, so we wanted to emphasize that we do not condone users offering MYO slots for trade within public group spaces. The reason for this is that should a trade fall through, such as a user deciding not to honor their side of the trade once an MYO slot has been designed and cooldown has ended, there is very little that the moderator team can do. While we cannot stop users who still wish to do this despite the risks, we ask that these offers are not posted within group spaces, and that they understand that if anything should go wrong, the moderator team will not be held liable.

Bundling Designs for Trade

We did a poll back in January relative to elnin being included in bundles with designs. The results of that poll were split just about 50/50 opinion-wise. After some discussion with Mana where we went over a lot of user comments and a few suggestions from some of the moderators, we've decided that the public advertising of bundles will still be allowed within the group. For discord specifically though, we will be asking bundles be advertised in the #ad_board channel as opposed to the #trading_post channel, which is for elnin-only trades or swaps.

In addition to clarifying the location for future bundled designs, we're also requesting more thorough transparency about designs bundled together. Specifically, we are asking users to list the price of any designs bundled together, who the artist of the design is, as well as what platform they are on, and linking a way for group members to verify that pricing is accurate for bundled designs. The linked info can be either a masterlist entry that states a price (if applicable), an original design's sale post where the price was listed, or a receipt of purchase with any personal info obscured. If artists allow pricing to vary beyond a set resale value, please link their TOS and clarify where that is stated.

These are things we honestly would recommend any user include in their resale posts. At this time though, we are requesting it specifically for any bundles because bundling can obscure the prices of each design independent of one another (elnin or otherwise). We just want to be sure the value of any elnin or kittom being bundled is not conflated with the values of other designs that cannot be verified clearly by potential buyers.

Moderator Applications

We'll be opening up application forms again in the near future. This will be done in a separate news post in the coming weeks, but we wanted to give group members some notice in advance. With a lot of the changes mentioned towards the beginning of this news post, we expect there will be a need for additional moderator staff to help keep approvals and group processes moving. Stay tuned for more info on this front!



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