November 2022 Feyhallow Raffle Winners!

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The MYO/Growth/Upgrade slots and Mutation raffles have been rolled and our winners are...

MYO/Growth/Upgrade Winners:

1. Noble : eelheadman
2. Adventurer: night-class
3. Adventurer: fayeskies
4. Adventurer: Snugglymoon
5. Kittom: Daffupanda
6. Kittom: jahpan
7. Kittom: Strabii
8. Kittom: Iemonesque
9. Kittom: avaliette


Mutation Winners:

1. Miniature Wings (Bat): wriven
2. Miniature Wings (Bat): Trashiebag
3. Miniature Wings (Feathered): jahpan
4. Miniature Wings (Feathered): yumehaeya
5. Miniature Wings (Fae): Pumpkhen
6. Miniature Wings (Fae): BlackMajixCat
7. Dire: Mewwwsic
8. Dire: TragicKiwi
9. Elfin: SuperLebunee
10. Elfin: TheSmolPeep
11. Demon's Brand: Afrielzi
12. Demon's Brand: NineEye
13. Antennae: KeilinAlyr
14. Antennae: engare
15. Pixie Horns: fayeskies
16. Pixie Horns: blankshi
17. Winglets (Fae): Eeviebun
18. Winglets (Fae): Najishio
19. Cloud Breath: ShinPurple
20. Cloud Breath: Alterial
21. Fire Breath: adriananimations
22. Fire Breath: Strabi
23. Crystallization: mirrorly
24. Crystallization: night-class
25. Splintered Anima: Chickolates
26. Splintered Anima: Alibastar
27. Gloom Kissed: Forged-Artifacts
28. Gloom Kissed: CandyChameleon
29: Capricious Shadow: MewW01f
30. Capricious Shadow: ForonGur
31. Phantom Step: whimsicalblue
32: Phantom Step: number11train
33. Hydra Tail: Wila-Chan
34. Hydra Tail: osteoh
35. Oddly-Colored Pomu: NijiMarii
36. Exotic Mutation: giz-art
37. Exotic Muation: missDevichi
38. Exotic Muation: Iemonesque
39. Exotic Muation: Heelies
40. Exotic Muation: Snugglymoon
41: Exotic Muation: Exclaimed
42: Rare Mutation: Triggwolf
43. Rare Mutation: Daffupanda
44. Rare Mutation: wintry-chan
45. Rare Mutation: Nalico
46. Rare Mutation: AkaneTsukino1
47. Uncommon Mutation: MalisVitterfolk
48. Uncommon Mutation: LolitaCynder
49. Uncommon Mutation: Tara-Elani
50. Uncommon Mutation: LlewsArt
51. Uncommon Mutation: Vontier
52. Uncommon Mutation: Starbask
53. Uncommon Mutation: avaliette
54. Uncommon Mutation: LeechiPeachy
55. Uncommon Mutation: kaethus
56. Uncommon Mutation: eelheadman


Congratulations winners and thank you everyone for participating in this past month's prompt!

DA notes have been sent out to the raffle winners for the MYO/Growth/Upgrade slots! The mutation winners will slowly see those mutations added under each specified elnin's note tab in the next 24 hours or so!

Rolling took place in our discord #games_and_raffles channel today. As always it was a great time. ^^b



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