A Few Small Updates

Posted 11 May 2021, 17:57:36 PDT by Starbask

Hi everyone! Popping in for a small update to address some changes and upcoming plans. Modcation does not officially end until the end of this week (Sunday PST time) but there were some specific things we wanted to make the community aware of now just due to where they fall in the grand scheme of things.

Moderator Changes

Today Mowen is stepping down from her role as a moderator in the group. The team has had a bit of a heads up so this is not quite as sudden news to us as it may be to the community. We've been working to find closure relative to tasks she has been doing on our team during our break a bit, but there will likely need to be some work done in the future to cover tasks she has been following up on.

As moderators our time within the group often gets split between our volunteer work behind the scenes and our participation in the ARPG side of the group. As bittersweet as it is to see her step down, Mowen's mentioned hoping to reconnect with the group a bit more on the casual membership side as she pursues art and other areas of interest a bit more in life. Mowen's been modding within the group since late 2017 and contributed a lot since then, usually helping with mechanics, systems, guides, and some of the higher level admin things or technical sides of the group. Needless to say her support in those areas have been greatly appreciated but not left much time for as much art in general and she really wants to get back to those roots.

We hope to see her artwork around in the future, be it in prompts or guesting. On that note we're looking ahead at...

June Plans

The team has wanted to do a moderator sale event for a while, pretty much since last Fall if not earlier. There really hasn't been much time for one though, and usually modding in conjunction with real life obligations has also kept us from comfortably setting up such an event. With that in mind we discussed last fall trying to do an event in June. Moderators have been working (just a bit) during their modcations to whip up some really amazing designs. Not gonna lie here everyone they're looking pretty dang good so far.

While Mowen is stepping down as a mod we just wanted to mention ahead of time she will be a part of the moderator sale. If we had been able to run an event last Fall Mowen would have definitely been a part of it and the moderator team discussed ahead of time that we want her to be a part of this even if she will no longer be a moderator by the time those sales are live. We're all very excited to be able to make some awesome designs for the community and hope everyone is too!

For those who have been asking how you can support the mod team, this is your chance! We hope to see you at the sales and auctions. We’ll post a schedule ahead of time as well. ovob

Our Ease Back In period starts next week.

See our last news post below for what areas we'll be focusing on specifically during that time so expect just a little more movement on some things. As always thank you for your patience!

We'll likely be adapting to some changes on the moderator end in Mowen's absence. Please do not ask if we'll be taking on more moderators at this time. Due to the nature of the role Mowen filled and her years of experience, we'll likely need to take a hard look at the team as it is currently and who will be taking on some of those tasks before we consider increasing the current team size. Thank you. ovob