Kittsunami Ends and Modcation Begins

Posted 19 April 2021, 17:57:46 PDT by Starbask

With Kittsunami wrapping up mods are going on vacation!!! Time to lay back and sip pina coladas…. During this time a few things won’t be looked at/responded to, so please read below about what’s happening and what to do if you have something urgent we need to address.

We'll still be wrapping up updating ownership for this last flaffle and some correspondence with GAs this first week to close out the event.

There will be a prompt in May. More details and specifics will be posted when that goes live.

We will not be responding in #questions on discord. If something is time sensitive, submit a ticket via WoE. Trait/Lore questions are not time sensitive, any of these types of questions currently submitted in #questions will be responded to after modcation. If you need to alert us that you’ve submitted a time sensitive query via ticket you can do that in #questions.

The design approval queue will reopen next week for submissions. But we will not be looking at these submissions until after modcation. This includes asking us to cancel any design submissions.

If you want to edit your submission or are thinking of trading an elnin based on the response to a design edit question then please do not submit to the queue! You will not get an answer before modcation ends and having your elnin submitted to the queue will hamper your ability to transfer that design.

Things that will continue to be updated but will be pretty minimal:

  • Masterlist transfers will be checked once a week (probably weekends).
  • Monthly prompt submissions will be followed up on around the end of the month (the week prior or the week after).
    • If you have a concern about your prompt being in our queue please check here (while logged in) before inquiring via WoE ticket:
    • If you encounter a bug or error when submitting your prompt, please raise it in the #website_bugs channel on discord or via WoE ticket (

In summary (tldr) :

  • If you have something that is an emergency or time sensitive please submit a ticket to WoE. This is the only place we will actively be checking (aside from #website_bugs).
  • If your question is related to general lore or traits/mutations please hold off asking.
  • If your question is related to patreon SC not coming through correctly (or at all) please submit a ticket, this is definitely time sensitive.
  • All other questions deemed non-time sensitive we likely won’t respond to.

Modcation Duration: 4 weeks (April 19th - May 16th)
Ease Back In period: 2 weeks (May 17th-30th)

During the Ease Back In period moderators will be focused on 2 areas:

  1. Revisiting anything submitted before or during Kittsunami
  2. Prepping for a moderator run event we’d like to hold in June! We won’t say much about it since it’s still a bit early but it’s been something on our minds since last Fall that we never got around to while focusing on approvals and Kittsunami.

We want this modcation to be a genuine break for the team. While it’s not the best for all group staff to be away at the same time (and some aspects of the group will still need ongoing support) we want any upkeep to be kept minimal. I’m sure you know we were flat-out during this big event so we hope you’ll be patient while we take this much needed rest. As always thank you for the continued support and patience. We'll look forward to getting back on track mid May and hopefully into some fun things in June!