December Gift Art Prompt and Raffle!

Posted 3 December 2020, 18:04:41 PST by Starbask

Hello everyone!

The monthly prompt is now live! There's a lot of stuff going on this month and so I wanted to cover a few things. The event schedule on dA will be updated to reflect deadlines for the prompt shortly. This update will be cross posted on discord and dA too. ovob

Notables you'll probably notice this month as you look over the prompt:
1. The gift art prompt will only run until December 28th at 11:59 PST this month. That's 3 days earlier than the month's end so we can wrap up raffles between the holidays.

2. There is a MYO slot raffle component to this month's gift art prompt. That raffle will be rolled on December 30th. You will need to submit 1-2 google forms (depending on if you do one or both of the submissions this month)! Read the prompt as there's a lot more info there than I'll cover here!

3. You are able to earn up to 2AP for this month. AP submissions will be backgrounds/writing about a given region, and they will be submitted separately from the gift art itself. (There are benefits to this, like giving us the ability to wrap up the MYO slot raffle and remain flexible on edits for AP backgrounds/writing)
Please read the Regional Affinity section for this month's prompt to learn more!

We will be keeping an eye on submissions and keep the community updated if we have concerns or anything changes!

The guest artists have worked very hard to contribute some lovely elnin to the event! We don't want to undermine the effort and the time they've put into helping us make this event really pop with some truly beautiful designs. Therefore, please consider any moderator-run raffles held during this event to be a little something extra we wanted to add to the event. They will not be grandiose in terms of traits.

This event has definitely grown in scale as its progressed, so we greatly appreciate the continued support and willingness to work with us. Thank you for sticking with us as we've navigated this difficult year!

The "Festive Gifting Spirit" Prompt can be found here!