The Silvergrace Sanctuary

Created: 13 January 2023, 00:57:25 PST
Last updated: 2 April 2023, 17:21:35 PDT

The Sanctuary is a place for people who are looking to swap an elnin that they own for a Make Your Own slot they can design and hopefully connect with better~ Please read on to find out more about this place and the process of sending an elnin or kittom to the sanctuary!

[The Silvergrace Sanctuary]:

Nestled atop one of the distant, cloud-shrouded mountains of Kyendi, there is a place where elnins travel when they're feeling out of touch with themselves. It's a safe haven for those that don't feel like they've found their place in life, souls feeling lost and unsure, or those overcome with a sense of longing for change. So they travel to The Silvergrace Sanctuary, a place of quiet reflection and escape.

The retreat is run by two private elnins, a priestess of the Silver Maiden and a more mysterious figure that is only spotted at night- a pale silhouette moving through the surrounding forests. The priestess keeps much to herself, walking the expansive hanging gardens in contemplation, occasionally sharing a few reassuring words with a Sanctuary guest, or serenely tending to the myriad of exotic fish ponds scattered across the property. She welcomes all, only asking that they leave when it is the right time for them to leave, and not to linger when they know that they are prepared to go out into the world again.

While it's true that the priestess does not actively turn away her guests, those that leave the Sanctuary are told that should they attempt to return again, they will simply be unable to find the path through the mountain forest to the summit. So far this has proven true, as no one has ever been able to find The Silvergrace Sanctuary again after leaving it once.

Half of the elnins that have come from The Silvergrace Sanctuary say that they leave feeling like they've had the chance to completely remake their whole self as if newly born into the world, while the other half say they experienced an entirely new appreciation for who and what they are, like the universe reached out and realigned just to give them a new chance to be themselves.

In either case, their memories of The Silvergrace Sanctuary are always described as dreamlike, full of rejuvenating hot springs and cooling morning mist, and the soft murmuring music of running water and mountain songbirds.

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Sanctuary Guidelines

  • The Sanctuary will always be open unless specifically stated otherwise.
    • Keep in mind this just means whenever Claims are open.
    • This is also assuming you have not turned in the max number of elnins/kittoms that can be turned in per user per year.
  • At times, we may need to close the Sanctuary for events or emergency updates.
[General Info]:
  • The Sanctuary is intended to be a last ditch effort for group members who find they cannot connect with a specifc elnin or kittom.
  • Group members must have a World of Eyre account that is 1 year or older and has 1 prompt approved before they can turn any elnin or kittom into the Sanctuary.
  • Group members may turn in a maximum of 2 elnin (or kittom) designs total per year. (This means 2 design trade-ins overall, not 4.)
    • The yearly limit reset occurs when the new year changes in PST time. (For example if it was on December 31st, 2022 at 11:59pm PST and you relinquished 2 elnin in the year 2022, then you can relinquish another elnin as of January 1st, 2023 at 12:00am PST time.
  • Elnin relinquished to the Sanctuary and the resulting sanctuary MYO slots acquired will have no resale value.
  • Sanctuary MYO slots will have a 3 month transfer cooldown that starts after the MYO slot art has been approved and added to the masterlist.
  • Do not transfer elnin/kittom designs to other users with intent to have that group member trade them into the sanctuary and eventually send you back the created MYO.
    • Doing this is considered subversion of trade-in limits and will be grounds for receiving a warning.
    • If attempts to subvert rules persist or are notably worse, then further action will be taken and may result in a permanent ban from the Sanctuary.
  • Elnin turned into the Sanctuary will only ever be able to be swapped for other elnin/kittoms once they are rehomed and after any related cooldowns have passed.
  • If you no longer wish to have a specific elnin/kittom down the road that has visited the sanctuary and is ineligible to come back, you can always relinquish the design to the group for nothing in return. We will then decide if or how the design will be redistributed to the group.
    • This is an option for anyone who no longer wants an elnin, but cannot trade it in again, and are unable to find a swap or do an edit on an elnin to connect with them better.
    • Designs may be redrawn or modified once back in the group's hands.
    • Previous owners will not be allowed to reclaim the design at any time while it is in group hands or enter for it in any group hosted scenarios. So be sure this is what you want to do before contacting us as the decision will be irreversible.
[Design Similarities and Familial Structures]

MYO elnin are unique elnin. No two MYO elnin should ever intentionally resemble one another or be based off of existing elnin designs. We understand that accidental similarities can happen relative to other designs in the group, but no group members should be treating MYOs as any sort of design that has relations to other elnin like biological family.


  • Identical or near identical twin designs will not be allowed for MYOs.
    • This additionally implies a familial relation, which MYO elnin do not have.
    • MYO elnin will be approved on a case by case basis, and we may request edits if designs are feeling too similar to other existing designs. Keep this in mind when designing!
  • MYO elnin designs should not be approached as a "MYO Breeding". Do not approach other users or reference your own elnin with the intent to make an elnin that could be their biological descendent.
    • We understand there is a desire for connections between elnin but MYOs coming out of the Sanctuary system as a whole is not the space for this. If we ever implement future breeding or familial connection opportunities they will be a wholly separate system, keep in mind this is not a guarantee as there are many systems that still need to be worked through in the group.
    • We want to keep elnin directly inspired by one another clearly tied together via our group breeding system or some official system specific to it.
[Sanctuary MYO Slot Details]:

Regarding mutations. Your sanctuary MYO will not automatically retain all of the same mutations that were present on the elnin relinquished into the Sanctuary. Instead, you are refunded a limited number of mutations on the sanctuary MYO slot depending on the rarity of the relinquished elnin's original mutations.

MYO slots given out from turning in an elnin will have the following max stat allocation:

  • Sanctuary MYO slots will be standard type elnin (no subtypes will carry over).
    • All elnin turned into the sanctuary will result in a standard elnin MYO. So a relinquished faenin  will not result in a faenin sanctuary MYO slot.
  • Hair length, ear fluff length, and tail size MP limits equal to or lesser than the corresponding values of the relinquished elnin. (All of these stats will be 0MP for kittoms.)
  • Access to all standard tail styles equal to the MP the relinquished elnin has for their corresponding tail style. This goes for any traits that are not associated with a subtype or limited in some way.
    • Any 5MP limited tail style (or 4MP subtype style.) will always result in your choice of any 4MP or lower standard tail style.
    • For example if you turn in an elnin with a hybrid tail, subtype style tail, or overwild style tail the resulting tail options you could apply to your new MYO will be standard tail styles that are 4MP or less, like Zephyr, Welkin, Grove, Marsh, etc.
  • Access to all standard crown styles equal to the MP the relinquished elnin has for their corresponding crown style. This goes for any traits that are not associated with a subtype or limited in some way.
    • Hybrid crown styles turned in will grant the sanctuary MYO slot the ability to choose a new standard crown style that is equal to the highest standard non-hybrid crown type within the hybrid.
    • For example turning in a 5MP hybrid crown will allow you to choose any standard 4MP crown style available that is not a hybrid or limited crown style like Eldritch, etc.
  • As many common mutations as the relinquished elnin had.
  • Up to 5 uncommon mutations that existed on the relinquished elnin.
    • Uncommon mutations granted to the sanctuary MYO do not need to be identical to the original elnin’s but they must be of the same rarity.
  • Up to 2 rare mutations that existed on the relinquished elnin.
    • Rare mutations granted to the sanctuary MYO do not need to be identical to the relinquished elnin’s but they must be of the same rarity.
  • Up to 1 exotic mutation that existed on the relinquished elnin.
    • Rare mutations granted to the sanctuary MYO do not need to be identical to the relinquished elnin’s but they must be of the same rarity.
  • Any mutations granted to these slots can only be used to pick up hereditary mutations with an associated region.
    • For example: If you have a subtype mutation like winglets (fae), you would get a rare mutation on the resulting MYO slot. With that rare mutation you will only be able to choose a rare mutation that has a region and is hereditary.

Any additional stats desired can be purchased with EC or SC at the time the MYO design is being submitted. (See the next section below for further details.)

[Additional Stat Guidelines]:
  • Any additional growths, upgrades, and edits for sanctuary MYOs should be purchased after the slot is on your account and alongside a design update with the art you are seeking to get approved.
  • Edits/Growths/Rank Ups/etc can be paid for with EC/SC at the time a user submits their sanctuary MYO design update approval.
  • Pricing for growths/stat changes/mutations/etc. follows our existing group currency prices and guidelines.
  • See the following pages for specific pricing details:
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The Trade-In Process

Now that you've gotten through the details, we'll walk you through on how to turn in an elnin or kittom to the Sanctuary for a MYO slot. The process is relatively simple!

[Submitting Your Claim]

We will be using claims as the format for users to relinquish elnin to the sanctuary and acquire their Sanctuary MYOs!

  1. Log into the site.
  2. Click on "Submit" in the upper right hand corner of the site's menu bar.
  3. Click on "Submit Claim".
  4. For Claim Type choose "Sanctuary MYO" from the dropdown.
  5. For the URL, put the masterlist entry of the elnin you are turning into the sanctuary (for example: with the elnin's ID number in place of ####).
  6. In the Comments section fill out the following form:
    • ELN ID: (Of the kittom or elnin you are turning into the Sanctuary)
    • First or second elnin/kittom turned into the Sanctuary this year? (1st or 2nd)
    • Is your account at least 1 yr old: (Y/N)
    • Link to an approved WoE prompt:
    • I have checked the masterlist entry for this elnin/kittom and have confirmed that they are eligible to be turned into the Sanctuary: (Yes or No)
    • I understand that if my elnin has any non-standard traits or mutations they will not carry over as non-standard traits/mutations in any way (such as subtype specific or limited traits/mutations, or mutations/traits that do not have both an associated region and that are hereditary): (Yes or No)
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Wait for a moderator to process your form. If you responded with the correct info and yes to all questions on the last portion of the form we will proceed with the sanctuary turn in.

A masterlist moderator will review the claim, transfer the relinquished elnin over to the Sanctuary (Yggdrasil account), add the sanctuary MYO to your account, and then approve the claim. Please be patient with our moderators, as this process can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending on how much activity the group is currently experiencing. Be sure to check back as well in case a claim needs to be soft-rejected by a moderator with any follow up questions. Thank you!

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Submitting Your MYO Design

Once you've gone over the rules and pricing, and have decided on what you want to do for your MYO, then please submit a design update. If you need help filling out your MYO design update form, please submit a ticket and we will have a moderator assist you in finding the form and answering any questions!

You start the submission process by going to your elnin's masterlist entry and going to Submit MYO Design. On desktop this can be found in the left-hand sidebar under Settings, and on mobile it's found under the Menu button at the top.

Once you've opened your design update page, please fill out the following:


This is where you will specify the stats and traits that will end up on the masterlist.

  • At the top, select which type of design update you are doing:
    • MYO Approval: Creating a brand new design
  • Fill out your desired stats:
    • If you are adding additional currency to grow or rank up your elnin, be sure to change the Stage from Kittom to Adult.
    • You do not need to edit the Total MP, it will automatically calculate based on your other changes!
    • Put in the MP values of your desired Hair, Ear Fluff, and Tail Size (if applicable) but for kittoms none of these stats will need to be filled out.
    • Choose your Tail Style and Crown style using the dropdowns. Keep in mind the base allowance for your MYO slot and take note of any additional costs that come with selecting a higher tail or crown style other than what the slot allows for.
  • If you are adding or removing any traits, update the Traits section.
  • Hit Save!


This is where you will attach your payment(s) and any items you are using.

  • Your Inventory
    • If you are redeeming a Patreon noble growth token, you will need to select your growth token here.
    • If you are using any items that add traits, like an Undine Tail, you would add that token here as well.
  • Your Bank
    • This is where you will put in your EC payment. (If you have SC, you can use that interchangeably with EC).
  • Hit Save!


This is a general / multi-purpose section. When submitting WIPs, this is an ideal place to clarify any questions or concerns you may have, like if you're unsure about how a certain mutation or trait works. You can also drop your notes from your planning here.

We highly recommend breaking down costs in the comments, such as what EC/SC is being attached to purchase which traits/edits/mutation. This greatly helps us understand how you're arriving at your currency calculations.

  • Hit Save! Even if you don't enter anything in this section you still need to hit save so we know that you are done with the section.

Masterlist Image

This is where you will upload your WIP or Final Masterlist Image. We highly recommend you send in multiple WIPs as you are working on your MYO. You can find a handy [WIP Guide] to see how we recommend sending in WIPs.

You can send us a WIP with your submission, and we'll let you know if it's looking good and send the design approval back to you or let you know what needs changing. This will help you avoid having to redo work in the event there are issues. Elnin are a rather complicated species with a lot of traits that we need to ensure aren't mistaken for other traits, and size/proportion considerations to get right. It's highly likely you will be asked to tweak things as you go. It's much easier to catch these issues during the early phases and save you a lot of headache!

  • Select from the dropdown what stage your art is at
    • WIP-Sketch, WIP-Lines, WIP-Flat Colors, WIP-Shading, or Final Art
    • If a WIP stage is selected, we will send back your submission after we've reviewed it and let you know if any changes are needed. Once you're ready to move on to the next stage just re-submit it!
    • We will not complete the purchase and update the masterlist unless Final Art is selected, so we are sure you are 100% done and happy with the design/art!
  • Upload your WIP or Final Art
    • Be sure to hit the Preview Toggle button to see how the art will be positioned in the frame!
    • You can move and zoom your art to get it just right.
    • Please note that a moderator may adjust the positioning if required.
  • Designer(s)
    • Click the + button to the right of the Designer URL to add a new designer.
    • If you are the designer of the updated design, put yourself. If not, put whatever artist did the design.
  • Artist(s)
    • Click the + button to the right of the Artist URL to add a new Artist.
    • If you are the Artist of the updated artwork put yourself, if not put whatever artist did the artwork.
  • Hit Save!

Once we have confirmed that the MYO submission is good to go, we will approve it and the Masterlist Entry will be updated, and you can enjoy your fresh new elnin/kittom design!

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions group members have asked in the past.

  • Q: What happens to the kittoms and elnins that are traded in?
    • A: Once elnin are traded in, the group reserves the right to redesign or disperse the elnin as the group sees fit. Generally, we will prioritize reintroducing elnin back into the community via group participation-based raffles. Some elnin may be redesigned prior to their reintroduction into the group to give them some fresh art or bring traits into alignment with current guidelines.
  • Q: I traded in my elnin before the Sanctuary was reopened, does that count towards my yearly limit?
    • A: If elnin were traded in prior to the current year they will not be included towards your yearly limit!