Masterlist Updates Merchant

Created: 26 August 2020, 00:27:19 PDT
Last updated: 1 September 2023, 14:38:42 PDT

If you're simply seeking to update masterlist art without any stat changes or design edits that art can be reviewed and updated by the modberry team.

Art update information:

  • Cost if you are updating the design/character art, without stat changes or design edits, and require new character art to be approved: 5 EC / SC .
  • New character art can be by any artist but must be approved by manaberry or the modberry team first.
  • New character art can be shown in clothing or accessories, but MUST have an unclothed version of the same art submitted first. Minor accessories are fine to include in new character art initially as long as they don't obscure a large portion of the elnin (ex. simple jewelry).
  • Must be an elnin in their base form- no gijinkas.
  • Please keep in mind:
    • Character art should be cleanly rendered. If the art is too rough/too stylized to see the design well, it might be refused.
    • We reserve the right to refuse character art we feel is ill-suited for the masterlist.
  • Please submit new character art requests using the Design Update area in your elnin's masterlist entry sidebar on the left. Currency can be added for a basic art update by attaching the EC in the add-ons tab of the design update.

Historically framing had been done manually and frames were purchasable here at the masterlist merchant. This is no longer the case! If you're looking to update the art to something else those cases are independent of framing.
(See: The art update section above, the Kittom Edits & Growths, or Adult Edits & Rank Ups page depending on what sort of art update you're looking to apply.)