Bonded MYOs

Created: 10 January 2023, 23:19:34 PST
Last updated: 9 January 2024, 04:17:45 PST

The purpose of this guide is for outlining account-bound Make Your Own elnin that can be purchased using group currency. This page will cover all facets related to these special MYOs!

  • Currencies you can use to purchase these types of MYOs:
    • EC / Elecite Coins are a group currency that you earn by participating in Berry-Bazaar prompts and events.
    • SC / Strange Coins are a Patreon currency awarded to specific pledge tiers every month. SC can be used at any time as an EC equivalent currency, or at special SC-only merchants.
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Intro to Bonded Kittom MYOs

[Availability & Acquisition]:
  • A user may acquire one bonded kittom MYO each calendar year with EC. A second bonded kittom MYO may be acquired once a year for SC.
    • Currencies can not be mixed for these purchases. (ie. You can't do partial payment in EC or SC.)
    • If you purchase a bonded kittom MYO for EC in a year (ex. 2024), then you can purchases another bonded kittom MYO for EC once January 1st PST time hits in the following year (ex. 2025).
    • If you have already bought a bonded kittom with EC in a calendar year (2024) then you can buy the second bonded kittom with SC that same year (2024).
  • Methods of purchasing a bonded kittom MYO with group currencies will always be open unless specifically stated otherwise.
    • Keep in mind this just means whenever Claims are open.
    • For details on how to claim your bonded kittom MYO(s), read on. A section lower down on this page will cover that process.
  • At times, we may need to close bonded kittom MYO purchases for events or emergency updates.
[General Info]:
  • Bonded kittoms are kittoms with an incredibly strong bond to their caretaker, so much so they're just about inseparable.
    • It's worth noting that only through particular circumstances might these kittoms be taken into the arms of a mysterious kittom-loving Eyresian that dwells in the branches of Yggdrassil in Ealei to find new bonds and purpose elsewhere.
  • It's rumored that a bit of EC may help purchase a treat to win them over. Snacks speak to all, right?
  • If you're particularly lucky you might even have some SC laying around to treat a second kittom to a snack.
  • 1 bonded kittom can be purchased for 24EC every calendar year.
  • 1 bonded kittom can be purchased for 24SC every calendar year.
  • All bonded kittoms are account-bound.
  • Bonded kittoms can never be resold, traded, or gifted, regardless of if they are a MYO slot or already made.
  • Anyone found attempting to Trade/Resell/Gift a bonded kittom will receive a warning.
    • If attempts persist, then further action will be taken.
  • If you no longer wish to have a specific bonded kittom/elnin down the road, you can relinquish the design to the group for nothing in return. We will then decide if or how the design will be redistributed to the group.
    • Designs may be redrawn or modified once back in the group's hands.
    • Relinquished designs can never be resold or traded, and will become bonded to any future owners.
    • Any future owners of a bonded MYO design will be required to relinquish the design back to the group if they no longer want it.
    • Previous owners will not be allowed to reclaim the design, so be sure this is what you want to do before contacting us as the decision will be irreversible.
[Bonded MYOs Based Off Original Characters]

If you have a bonded MYO associated with an original character and you wish to trade that original character, you must clarify what will happen to that bonded MYO and take action to follow up with that plan prior to trading the original character the MYO is based off of. This means you cannot trade an original character with a bonded MYO attached to it without that bonded MYO being either redesigned or relinquished to the group in its current state, or a redesigned state before the original design is traded.

Users have a few options they can pursue before trading an original non-elnin design that a Bonded MYO is based off of:

  1. You can keep the Bonded MYO if you pay the overhaul cost and completely redesign it so that it bears no resemblance to the original design at all.
    • Art must be approved and on the masterlist before the original non-elnin design is traded.
    • One or two small changes to a design will not be enough for us to pass it as bearing no resemblance to the original design.
  2. You can redesign the bonded MYO to remove it's resemblance to the original design it was based on for no cost with intent that, upon approval, it would be given up to the group to decide how to redistribute.
    • Art must be approved and on the masterlist before the original non-elnin design is traded for this case as well.
    • One or two small changes to a design will not be enough for us to pass it as bearing no resemblance to the original design.
  3. You can relinquish the design to the group willingly while informing the group that the original design the elnin is based off is being traded. We must know that your reasoning for relinquishing a design is due to it being based off of an original character that you plan to trade/sell. We will flag the design as one that the group will completely redesign before any sort of redistribution potentially occurs.

In the above three cases, if you do not pursue one of the above options prior to trading the original design you will receive a warning from the group and further action may potentially be taken, if necessary.

The WoE group reserves the right to repossess any Bonded elnin designs that do not get redesigned or relinquished to the group prior to the transfer of the design they are based off of. Relinquished designs based off of original characters will be redesigned by the group or mods but fall outside the scope of raffle stuff/not guaranteed to enter back into the group. Group members will not be compensated for the design in any way, and they will likely receive a warning for not clarifying what needed to happen to the elnin design before trading the design it was based off of. This may seem a bit harsh but it's not ok to transfer original designs to new owners when the related elnin design has not been appropriately dealt with beforehand. Keep this in mind if you are basing your elnin off of other original designs.

[Design Similarities and Familial Structures]

Bonded elnin are unique elnin. No two bonded elnin should ever intentionally resemble one another or be based off of existing elnin designs. We understand that accidental similarities can happen relative to other designs in the group, but no group members should be treating bonded MYOs as any sort of design that has relations to other elnin like biological family.


  • Identical or near identical twin designs will not be allowed for bonded MYOs.
    • This additionally implies a familial relation, which bonded elnin do not have.
    • Bonded elnin will be approved on a case by case basis, and we may request edits if designs are feeling too similar to other existing designs. Keep this in mind when designing!
  • Bonded elnin designs should not be approached as a "MYO Breeding". Do not approach other users or reference your own elnin with the intent to make an elnin that could be their biological descendent.
    • We understand there is a desire for connections between elnin but the Bonded Elnin MYOs system as a whole is not the space for this. If we ever implement future breeding or familial connection opportunities they will be a wholly separate system, keep in mind this is not a guarantee as there are many systems that still need to be worked through in the group.
    • We want to keep elnin directly inspired by one another clearly tied together via our group breeding system or some official system specific to it.
[Base Trait Allowances for Bonded Kittom MYOs]:

All bonded MYOs start as kittoms with the following stats:

  • 0MP hair length, ear fluff length, and tail size. (All of these stats must be 0MP for kittoms.)
  • A 1MP tail style (or a 0MP tail style if you would like your kittom to have no tail at all).
  • No crown (0MP).
  • 1 Common mutation (Facial fluff, Leggy fluff, Pantaloons, or Maned).

Any additional stats desired can be purchased with EC or SC at the time the MYO design is being submitted. (See the next section below for further details.)

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Growths, Upgrades, & Edits for Bonded Designs

[General Extra Stat Guidelines]:
  • All growths, upgrades, and edits for bonded kittom MYOs should be purchased after the slot is on your account. These types of add-ons can only be purchased with EC, SC, or some mix of the two as part of a design update submission.
  • Bonded kittoms (and bonded kittom MYO) cannot purchase any growth, upgrades, or edits through USD sales.
    • This includes the application of Noble Growth lifetime reward tokens where a user intends to purchase add-ons. If you use a lifetime reward on a bonded elnin, you forgo your ability to purchase add-ons as part of that process.
    • The application of a lifetime reward on a bonded elnin is permanent, so think carefully if you are considering applying a patreon lifetime reward to an elnin.
    • This will not be changed at any time now or in the future. Paying USD to apply any growths, upgrades, or edits would force a change in the bonded character's transferability status.
    • Bonded kittoms/elnin/myos are intended to be MYOs earned through group participation.
  • Special opportunities for bonded kittom MYOs to acquire traits or mutations typically only accessible through patreon may appear in future events, prompts, and the group in general.
    • We have not yet determined exactly how more limited traits will be distributed for bonded kittom MYOs and bonded elnin designs in general, but we want to assure the community that this is something we are actively thinking about in lieu of some traits being more accessible in patreon sales early on.
[Growth, Rank Ups, & Edit Pricing]:
  • Unlike most elnin, bonded kittoms (or their adult bonded elnin counterparts) can undergo large, typically unheard of changes.
    • This option is not available to any other elnin on site and will not be available in the future.
  • For 12EC (per overhaul design approval edit), bonded elnin can be overhauled with the following guidelines:
    • An elnin's rank must remain the same, unless you are paying to increase an elnin's rank alongside an overhaul. An elnin's rank can never drop to a lower rank, it can only be increased.
      • For example, if you have an elnin that's got 8MP overall (adventurer rank) and you drop from a 4MP tail style to 0MP to get an elnin with no tail (which would bring your elnin's MP down to 4MP), you would need to add 1MP to another stat, like hair length/ear fluff length/crown style, to keep the elnin at adventurer rank (5MP overall or higher).
    • Any number of markings on the design can be changed.
    • Any number of colors present on the design can be changed.
    • Mutations must remain the same as the mutation earned and currently present on the kittom or elnin.
      • Mutations are not lost when an elnin is overhauled unless they have been dropped as part of an earlier redesign or overhaul.
    • Mutations can be dropped at no cost as a part of this process.
      • Any mutations dropped are permanent and must be earned again at a later time if they are dropped.
    • Tail style and crown style MP can be dropped at no cost (assuming an elnin's rank is not changing and MP is bought/added to another stat that keeps an elnin the same rank).
    • Hair length, ear fluff length, and tail size MP can be dropped at no cost (assuming an elnin's rank is not changing and MP is bought/added to another stat).
    • Hair length and ear fluff length can be swapped at no cost.
    • Tail size MP must remain the same, unless the user chooses to drop MP from an elnin's tail size altogether and the elnin's overall rank does not change.
    • Any other adjustments will incur a cost, such as swapping or upgrading an elnin's crown or tail style.
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Purchasing your Bonded Kittom MYO

Now that you've gotten through the details, we'll walk you through on how to get your bonded kittom MYO slot. The process is relatively simple!

[Submitting Your Claim]

We will be using claims as the format for users to purchase their MYOs!

  1. Log into the site.
  2. Click on "Submit" in the upper right hand corner of the site's menu bar.
  3. Click on "Submit Claim".
  4. For Claim Type choose "Bonded MYO" from the dropdown.
  5. For the URL, put (and be sure to replace username in the url with your actual username).
  6. In the Comments section let us know which currency you will be paying with, either EC or SC. You cannot do a combination of both.
  7. Under Add-Ons, click on the "Add Currency" button.
  8. Attach either 24 EC or 24 SC depending on which currency you are paying with.
  9. Click Submit.
  10. Wait for a moderator to process your purchase.

A masterlist moderator will review the claim, add the MYO to your account and approve the claim to remove the currency from your account. Please be patient with our moderators, as this process can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending on how much activity the group is currently experiencing. Be sure to check back as well in case a claim needs to be soft-rejected by a moderator with any follow up questions. Thank you!

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Submitting Your Bonded Kittom MYO Design

Once you've gone over the rules and pricing, and have decided on what you want to do for your MYO, then please submit a design update. If you need help filling out your MYO design update form, please submit a ticket and we will have a moderator assist you in finding the form and answering any questions!

You start the submission process by going to your elnin's masterlist entry and going to Submit MYO Design. On desktop this can be found in the left-hand sidebar under Settings, and on mobile it's found under the Menu button at the top.

Once you've opened your design update page, please fill out the following:


This is where you will specify the stats and traits that will end up on the masterlist.

  • At the top, select which type of design update you are doing:
    • MYO Approval: Creating a brand new design
  • Fill out your desired stats:
    • If you are adding additional currency to grow your elnin right away, be sure to change the Stage from Kittom to Adult.
    • You do not need to edit the Total MP, it will automatically calculate based on your other changes!
    • Put in the MP values of your desired Hair, Ear Fluff, and Tail Size (if applicable) but for kittoms none of these stats will need to be filled out.
    • Choose your Tail Style and Crown style using the dropdowns. Keep in mind the base allowances for these kittom MYOs and any additional costs that come with selecting a higher tail or crown style other than what the base slot allows for.
  • If you are adding or removing any traits, update the Traits section.
  • Hit Save!


This is where you will attach your payment(s) and any items you are using.

  • Your Inventory
    • If you are redeeming a Patreon noble growth token, you will need to select your growth token here.
    • If you are using any items that add traits, like an Undine Tail, you would add that token here as well.
  • Your Bank
    • This is where you will put in your EC payment. (If you have SC, you can use that interchangeably with EC).
  • Hit Save!


This is a general / multi-purpose section. When submitting WIPs, this is an ideal place to clarify any questions or concerns you may have, like if you're unsure about how a certain mutation or trait works. You can also drop your notes from your planning here.

We highly recommend breaking down costs in the comments, such as what EC/SC is being attached to purchase which traits/edits/mutation. This greatly helps us understand how you're arriving at your currency calculations.

  • Hit Save! Even if you don't enter anything in this section you still need to hit save so we know that you are done with the section.

Masterlist Image

This is where you will upload your WIP or Final Masterlist Image. We highly recommend you send in multiple WIPs as you are working on your kittom MYO. You can find a handy [WIP Guide] to see how we recommend sending in WIPs.

You can send us a WIP with your submission, and we'll let you know if it's looking good and send the design approval back to you or let you know what needs changing. This will help you avoid having to redo work in the event there are issues. Elnin are a rather complicated species with a lot of traits that we need to ensure aren't mistaken for other traits, and size/proportion considerations to get right. It's highly likely you will be asked to tweak things as you go. It's much easier to catch these issues during the early phases and save you a lot of headache!

  • Select from the dropdown what stage your art is at
    • WIP-Sketch, WIP-Lines, WIP-Flat Colors, WIP-Shading, or Final Art
    • If a WIP stage is selected, we will send back your submission after we've reviewed it and let you know if any changes are needed. Once you're ready to move on to the next stage just re-submit it!
    • We will not complete the purchase and update the masterlist unless Final Art is selected, so we are sure you are 100% done and happy with the design/art!
  • Upload your WIP or Final Art
    • Be sure to hit the Preview Toggle button to see how the art will be positioned in the frame!
    • You can move and zoom your art to get it just right.
    • Please note that a moderator may adjust the positioning if required.
  • Designer(s)
    • Click the + button to the right of the Designer URL to add a new designer.
    • If you are the designer of the updated design, put yourself. If not, put whatever artist did the design.
  • Artist(s)
    • Click the + button to the right of the Artist URL to add a new Artist.
    • If you are the Artist of the updated artwork put yourself, if not put whatever artist did the artwork.
  • Hit Save!

Once we have confirmed that the MYO submission is good to go, we will approve it and the Masterlist Entry will be updated, and you can enjoy your fresh new kittom design!