Offsite Profile MYO-ELN270: 💎 Aryndell ✩

Owned by Malis
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Name: Aryndell
Gender: Unknown
Sibling: Nolatari
Home: Silveil
Personality: The twin to Nolatari, Aryndell is permanently in her shadow. They are always trying to get out there but Nol is the 'Disney Princess' when it comes to things, sweet, kind, unselfish, everything comes easy to her and well... to Aryn, it kinda stinks. They are a little more flighty, and dreamy, always floating in the clouds, and so because of that they can come off as distant or cold. Their dream is to somehow be blessed by the fae and learn how to fly.
Phobias and Weaknesses: Being alone or forgotten, spiders
Ownerlist entry: [270] [270]
Hair Length: Super short [✧✧✧✧]
Ear Fluff Length: Super short [✧✧✧✧]
Tail Size: Long [✦✦✦✧]
Tail Style: Glade [✦✦✦✧]
Crown: Classic Diadem [✦✧✧✧]

Total MP: [7]
Rank: Adventurer (11 w/ resonance)

Current traits:
[Mutation] Crystallization
[Mutation] Dual-toned Anima
[Mutation] Maned
[Mutation] Spinal Ridge

Questing for: 
[Mutation] Starlit Suffusion - 3AP (Silveil)
[Mutation] Luminous Anima - 2AP (Silveil)

After growing quests: 
[Mutation] Starlit Anima - 5AP (Silveil)
[Mutation] Featherlight Hair - 16EC

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