ELN1560: Hikoboshi

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Basic Attributes
- Meadow
Non-hereditary Traits
[Mana Flaw] Heart of the void :
This elnin has only an empty inky blackness in their chest. Their pomu can enter/hide items through the chest like a normal shadow. Their right eye is also empty, and has a similar black void.
[Arcane] Enchantment (Shadow Vault) :
Much like pomus, this elnin can now choose to retreat into their own shadow (the consistency is somewhat tar-like whenever they enter it). They can breath inside the shadow, but cannot see or hear. They come out of the shadow in the same place as they went in, or in the near vicinity if there is something blocking the location.
[Arcane] Enchantment (Herald) :
Single primary horn.
[Arcane] Enchantment (Herald) :
In addition to striking a deal with the Hallow Witch, this Elnin has received a blessing from a greater spirit, and has attained the title of Herald of Shadows.
[Arcane] Enchantment (Not Quite Fearless) :
Perhaps a side effect of the missing anima heart, this elnin now has very muted emotions. They can still feel when they're supposed to be happy/sad/etc, but everything is just sort of distant.
[Questing] Resonant :
Noble Rank Unlock Requirements complete

Patreon Adjustment(s) / Addon(s) :
+Veins of Corruption [REF: 0678]

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[Event] Feyhallow
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