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14 August 2020, 06:46:01 PDT (3 years ago)
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Legacy Prompt
Regional Affinity: Enmir
Claiming Regional Affinity for: Wick [ELN856]


Wick desired a terrarium of fireflies and other natural fauna of the Enmir region as a gift. He had collected fireflies in the past but they never lived very long. He likely didn’t know his guardian at the time was letting them go due to the unsuitable jar habitat the kittom thought was satisfactory. Eventually Kormir was getting somewhere explaining that they were part of the swampy ecosystem in the region. Enmir had moisture rich damp soil with the roots of willows furling through it. A tree surely couldn’t fit in a small terrarium but some moss and plants and a bit of water and mud might be able to create a suitable bog and maybe a proper habitat for only the brightest fireflies one could find in the marshy terrain.

Kormir would travel to the depths of Enmir to acquire the insects, despite his less than favorable opinion of trapping the little glow bugs while Mallow, Wick’s budding herb enthusiast friend, procured a list of mosses, small ambient ferns, and soil locations to collect for the terrarium gift. The noble elnin, Kormir, could venture out to gather the supplies. Wick didn’t know his wishes would be heard this miasma season but if his gift would not be granted he surely was a kittom that would venture out to collect it himself later on.


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ELN856: Wick

Reward Amount
AP (Enmir) (Currencies) 1