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Act 3 「 R E S O N A N C E 」

Zevija AP
1 MP


Depict your elnin interacting with a human or elseworld creature. See Act 1
Complete a standalone "advanced act" [These are marked with a ? on the act directory]. This act cannot be used for quest turn ins, it is specifically for unlocking the noble rank.

[Warning Signs] [☼ Zevija]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
There are many things well known about Zevija, but to elseworlders or perhaps those who have never visited, some things may not be so obvious. For instance, someone used to the crystal pure waters of Faerindell might not know the local sulfur pools are not for swimming, let alone drinking. Help out the Zevija locals fence off dangerous pools or put up signs to keep visitors safe from sinkholes, collapsed mines, or the often hard to see cracks and fissures in the ground that lead to steep falls into hidden caverns.



Lune decided to help a village in the mines by putting up signs of danger around a cavern hole.


Reward Amount