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Act 2 「 R E S O N A N C E 」

Ealei AP
1 MP


Depict your elnin interacting with a human or elseworld creature. See Act 1
Complete a standalone "advanced act" [These are marked with a ? on the act directory]. This act cannot be used for quest turn ins, it is specifically for unlocking the noble rank.

[High Hanging Fruit] [☼ Ealei]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Ealei is famous for growing some of the most delicious fruits on Eyre. Now, no one expects your elnin to be climbing to the High Reaches, but perhaps they'd like to pick some fresh fruit from the orchards growing atop Yggdrasil's lower branches or across its sprawling roots. Show your elnin collecting fruits in Ealei!
The trees and orchards in Yggdrasil are a little bit different from other places on Eyre, with saplings being grafted directly to the great tree instead of being planted in soil. They say that this is why the fruit from Ealei is so amazing, because the trees they grow from are nurtured by mana directly from the source.


Spending time in the Ealei region, Lune wanted to gather some of the delicious fruit for his travels. He climbed one of the larger trees, stood on the landing and began picking the fruit.


Reward Amount


Thumbnail for ELN855: ✨⚥ Lune

ELN855: ✨⚥ Lune

Reward Amount
AP (Ealei) (Currencies) 1