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Regional Affinity: Palu'au Islands


Every Elnin is busy with the current Faire that is going on, and Itsuki has little to no interest in it. While the smell of the freshly made seafood delicacies hits his small nose, he must refrain from taking part in the activities. Itsuki is a much more quiet Nin, and he prefers to spend time on his own- even during such a big festival! And, though Itsuki lives on the Palu'au Islands, he can see the lanterns flying up in the sky during the night, and he decides that that is good enough for him.

Palu'au Islands was the perfect place for Itsuki. From long, expanding beaches, to the small towns that would sell fish and other local delicacies. Many coconut trees could be seen lining areas of the beach, and many types of seashells could be found in and out of the water. There was also long grass that would reside next to most of the palm trees, Itsuki calling it ‘land-sea-grass.’ There were even rocks that many Nins would use to dive off of. The more adventurous of the Elnin would jump off of the higher rocks, splashing into the water with a happy smile across their face. There were huts that most Elnin lived in, as well as makeshift stalls that the fishernins would sell their catches at. Many small footprints could be seen alongside the beaches, showing where Nins and Kits would walk to and from.

Back to Itsuki, the Nin wanted to relax, finding that the best way for him to do so is by splashing his small paws in the water, the beaches of the island being his favorite part of where he resides. He stares out at the coconut trees swaying in the wind, and it all brings him peace of mind. The sand is a nice cream color, and the feeling of it scrunching under his paws makes him almost giddy. Now, Itsuki is not one to get overly giddy at anything- but, he will admit that the beach is one thing that’ll always brighten his mood. The water may be cold to some other Nins, but Itsuki finds the coldness to be refreshing. The water is nice and crystal clear, making it even more calming to be in.
His fluffy fin-shaped tail helps him steer himself underneath the water, Itsuki loving to dive down and find any small shells or trinkets that may be hidden beneath the waves.

As Itsuki swims around, he pays attention to the small huts standing alongside the coconut trees, occasionally making a very small smile at any of the other Elnins who lived there. He takes in the white, puffy clouds, as well as the sound of young Kittoms playing and running in the sand. He hears them jump off of the large gray rocks that align some parts of the ocean; the Kits landing into the water and happily splashing each other afterwards. Although it would begin to get noisy, Itsuki was able to dive under the water to escape the sounds. Itsuki watched as multi-colored fish swam by, the Elnin’s eyes wide whenever he saw fish that seemed to be new. He swam and played with the fish, being able to hold his breath long enough to do so. Itsuki would also admire the underwater plants and coral, finding the colors to be mesmerizing.

Though, it wasn’t too long until he decided to get out of the water, making his way up onto the soft beach. He shook his body quickly, doing his best to dry off. The swimming was relaxing, but Itsuki was ready to rest. The Elnin made his way back to where his hut was, strands of lights adorning the roof of it. He opened the front door, making his way inside and curling up on his fluffy bed.
Itsuki looked out the window for just a moment, seeing some Kittoms continue to play in the sand as they made the best sandcastles that they could. Though, with a yawn, Itsuki wrapped his tail around himself even more as he closed his eyes. The sound of the calming ocean waves that could still be heard inside the hut was enough to allow him to drift off into sleep. The Nin dreamt about many things that night, and they were all calming in nature. You could maybe even see a small smile on his face as he dreamt about the ocean even more!


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Elecite Coins 6


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