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Just the two EC. Using a friends Kit for this prompt with their permission!

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As a Gijinka, Gloom would embody the essence of a Glowshroom Gatherer. His predominantly black fur would remain intact, but now would have a slightly glossy quality to it, as if it was coated in a layer of iridescent spores. His lithe body would now have a more humanoid shape with the soft, fluffy fur on his stomach having a slightly lighter shade of black, resembling the underside of a mushroom cap.
The most striking feature of Gloom's Gijinka form would be his bright-colored eyes, now larger and more expressive. They would glow like in his kittom form, resembling the bioluminescent glow of a glowshroom. The same teal color would also be present in subtle accents throughout his outfit.
He wears a long black coat with a high collar that falls around his shoulders, with the bottom half of the coat flaring out slightly to give him a more dramatic silhouette. The coat is adorned with dark teal stitching that is reminiscent of intricate mushroom growths, swirling and spiraling around the edges of the coat in a mesmerizing pattern.
Underneath the coat, Gloom wears a simple black shirt with a high collar that fits snugly against his torso. His pants are made of a flexible, dark material that allows him to move with ease. They are tucked into sturdy black boots that rise up to his mid-calf, giving him a sense of strength and stability.
To complete his look, Gloom wears a pair of fingerless gloves that allow him to use his claws with ease. The gloves are made of a flexible, yet sturdy material that fits tightly against his hands, with delicate embroidery in the same glowing teal color as his eyes and ears.
Overall, Gloom's Gijinka form would be a striking, otherworldly creature. His midnight black outfit and glowing teal accents would be a nod to his kittom form, while the mushrooms patterns that adorn his outfit would be a clear nod to his role as a gatherer of glowshrooms.


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ELN2868: Gloom

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