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Today’s focus is on a flower that is endemic to the Palu’au region called “The Siren's Blossom". The Siren’s Blossom is a unique and beautiful flower. This small, hardy plant that grows in the sandy dunes near the beaches, usually near water sources like tide pools.

The Siren's Blossom boasts petals that are as soft as silk and has a bright blue color to it that shimmers of vibrant azure in the sunlight. It has a strong and sturdy stem, like driftwood washed up on the ocean shore. The leaves of the Siren's Blossom are a sandy brown, resembling the grains of a tropical beach. Additionally, the center of the flower is a delicate shade of lavender, like a seashell kissed by the moonlight. However, the most unique aspect of the flower is that the petals form into a shape like that of a starfish.

The Siren’s Blossom is adapted to the tropical climate of the Palu'au islands, and the plant can survive in the hot and dry weather that is common on the beaches, as well as the saltwater and strong winds that occur near the coast. It thrives in these conditions due to its deep roots that can access the water table even during low tide, and its leaves that are adapted to retain water for long periods of time. It is also known for its unique ability to bloom all year round, despite the arid climate of the beach dunes. The unique flower is also known for its sweet nectar which attracts various species of birds and insects. The alluring nature is in part of why it has gained its name.

Additionally, the Elnin locals use the azure starfish shaped petals to make tea which is believed to help with sunburns and other beach related ailments. Elnin find the Siren's Blossom to be an interesting plant because of its bright and vibrant colors, and because of its ability to emit light at night, which makes it a popular plant to decorate their homes with. The light emitted by the flowers at night is like a lighthouse beacon, guiding travelers through the darkness.

Overall, the Siren's Blossom is an important and unique part of the Palu'au island's ecology. It is a hardy plant that is adapted to the tropical coastal climate, and it is also a source of food, beauty, medicine, for the Elnin who call Palu’au their home.



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