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I think it should be 9 EC (6 for submission and 2 for over 900 words, and 1 for Pomu being included with Lantern form?) and 1 AP for Regional affinity? This is my first time submitting for a prompt!

I put it in the below area's, I hope that's correct XD

Regional Affinity: [Palu'au Islands]
Elnin: []


Naida had always enjoyed traveling from place to place. Nomadic in nature from birth, she has never fully settled down anywhere. However, this was not to say that she never sought for a place she could call home. Deep inside her heart, she knew that there had to be a place out there. Somewhere she could finally settle down and feel a sense of comfort and belonging. Perhaps this somewhere could even be a beach-cave in the Palu'au Islands, after all... she loved to venture outside and walk its bright sandy beaches, listening the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

As a Kittom, Naida had a close bond with her Pomu, a mischievous creature named Marinus that seemed to always dance just out of sight. He was always by her side, a constant companion on her journey through life. However, as the winter winds began to blow and the miasma was at its strongest, Naida knew that it was time for Marinus to go into his annual hibernation. During their hibernation, all Pomu turn into floating crystals called anima crystals. These anima crystals remain near their respective owners during the winter months. Naida knew that decorating Marinus's anima crystal was an important part of the hibernation process. It was a way for her to show her love and devotion to her Pomu, even while he was in his dormant state.

Marinus's anima crystal was turned it into a beautiful Pomu lantern that Naida tethered to her tail. She spent hours gathering materials and carefully crafting the Pomu Lantern, ensuring that it was perfect. She used strands of glowing seaweed to create a soft, ethereal light, and she wove together colorful flowers and shells to form a delicate, sparkling cage around the crystal. She hung the lantern from a long ribbon of shimmering silk, and as the light danced and swayed, Naida knew that she had created something truly beautiful. She knew that Marinus would be safe and sound while he was in his dormant state, and she looked forward to the day when he would return to her side once again.

With the Pomu lantern by her side, Naida set off on a journey to find a place that she could call home. She traveled through the seaside region of the Palu'au Islands, taking in the sights and sounds of the crystal-clear waters. Naida eyed the lush green tropical greenery with delight as she hiked along the sandy beaches, always searching for the perfect spot to settle down.

Finally, Naida found what she was looking for - a cozy little cave nestled in a quiet corner of the islands. It was the perfect size for her and Marinus, and it had a warm, welcoming feeling that made Naida feel right at home. She hoped in her heart that he would approve when he woke from his hibernation. Naida thought to herself that she would make sure that it would be a happy place once he rejoined her.

The cave was small but well-lit, with a large opening that faced the sea. Sunlight streamed through the opening, casting a warm glow on the smooth stone walls and the soft blankets that lined the floor. Naida had decorated the cave with all sorts of colorful trinkets and treasures that she had collected on her travels - shimmering seashells, delicate flowers, and intricate woven leaf baskets.

She spent the next few days gathering materials and decorations to make her cave feel like a true home. Working hard with the intent of making every available spot of the cave filled with the warmth and comfort. Naida had set up a cozy nest of blankets and pillows in the corner, where she and Marinus could snuggle up and watch the flames dance in the fire. She wove colorful flowers into garlands to hang from the ceiling. To create a soft warm glow at night-time, she placed various candles, lanterns, and torches around the cave.


To prepare her meals she had even set up a small kitchen area near the back of the cave, with a fire pit included. It was fortunate that she discovered a small stream nearby where she could catch fresh fish for her dinners. It would be good to have some variety aside from the natural fruits that grew in the area.

As she worked, Naida couldn't help but feel a sense of peace and contentment wash over her. She had been searching for a place like this for so long, and she knew that she had finally found it. The cave was small and simple, but it had everything she needed - a warm fire with ember glows of comfort, a soft bed to rest her head, and the gentle sound of the waves crashing outside to lull her to sleep at night.

As the days went by, Naida's cave began to further take shape. It was a welcoming place, filled with all the things that made her happy. As she settled into her new home, Naida couldn't help but feel a sense of peace and contentment wash over her. She had been searching for a place like this for so long. She sat by the hearth, watching the flames dance, and listened to the sound of the waves crashing outside. With Marinus by her side in the form of the beautiful Pomu lantern, she knew that no matter what he would always have the comfort and warmth of home.

Naida settled into her new home, spending her days exploring the surrounding grottos and beaches and spending her evenings snuggled up in front of the fire with Pomu lantern. She continued adding in further decorations from her finds, knowing that Marinus would love the seashells and ornaments. As she looked around her cave, the perfect place she made just for her and Marinus, she knew that she had finally created the place where she could call home.


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ELN2821: Naida / Nai

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