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27 October 2022, 13:00:34 PDT (3 months ago)
30 October 2022, 22:48:07 PDT (3 months ago) by tatter


Hey there,
I wasn't aware that this in not allowed and I'm really sorry for the trouble I'm causing, I'm very sorry for that.

I drew a new background, with cacti and Pumpkins ^^ Hope this is fine


Poor little Kerzenlicht is really tense because of the thunder and lightning in Weldwick.

Yozakura tried dressing up as a Vampire for Feyhallow and because of the Rain got really soaked. As he sees Kerzenlich anxious sitting under their umbrella he get's the idea to scare them reall good, because he thinks it's funny.

As he scares them poor Kerzenlicht get so startled that their crown jumps away.



Reward Amount
Elecite Coins 8


Thumbnail for ELN2370: Yozakura

ELN2370: Yozakura

Reward Amount
Thumbnail for ELN2753: Kerzenlicht

ELN2753: Kerzenlicht

Reward Amount
AP (Ahza) (Currencies) 1


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