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Noble Rank Unlock Requirement: Advancement Act for Wick [ELN856]
Act: Cathartic Carnage [Act of Character / Advancement Act]
Word Count: 1040


Wick had always been a bit on the wilder side that it was no surprise to Kormir when Ashe recommended maybe letting the kittom learn how to let off some steam and perhaps harmonize their inner mana by exerting some of the destructive tendencies the kittom exhibited at times. Skeptically Kormir agreed and the following kittom was left under the watchful eye of the royal Laurent. Wick was surprisingly quiet despite the matters they were about to attend to. Apparently there were some buildings in Kyendi that required quite a bit of demolition and Laurent had offered to help, of course though he was passing it off as a royal duty he had to attend to. Firstly they needed things destroyed anyway and secondly how else could he be expected to help a kittom in need without a good place to apply the knowledge learned.

They entered the shabby building, one that looked as though its roof had already been broken off clearly. Now all that remained were fragile walls and an assortment of leftover decor. Some might have thought the items priceless but Wick observed Laurent’s keen eye as the royal mentioned most of these were elegant knockoffs. Wick even caught the royal explaining how they had once destroyed a priceless collection of antiques, adding on later that it had left the antique community quite dismayed but at times these things just sort of happened. Wick on the other hand could not imagine it.

Kormir was a good parent but even he wouldn’t have easily forgiven if something in their home was broken carelessly. It had happened to Wick a few times when he was moving too fast playing, and now it left the kittom gingerly exploring tipping over a pot that didn’t quite break when it hit the ground. He was far too used to being scolded for breaking things that now any chaotic impulses were mostly subdued. Laurent on the other hand just watched the sad display of damage and shook his head. As if exemplifying what Wick needed to do Laurent’s pomu formed a grand sword that sliced cleanly through a pot and followed up with smashing another cleanly to bits.

A bit bolder this time Wick attempted to break another more fragile item. With a quick swing of one of his pale white paws a plate slid off the table Wick had clambered up to and crashed into the dust and cobwebs clinging to a crate producing a delightful shattering noise. It was clear they would have to watch carefully where they stepped in the future but for now Wick seemed to be finding satisfaction in taking the high approach. He would climb the stairs with a good vase or two and push it off the edge so the momentum would break it without him accidentally hurting his paws jumping on anything. Surprisingly every so often a few coins would pop out or something useful and Laurent would let him put it in the small bag that Kormir and Ashe had sent along with him.

Wick questioned why people would leave items behind just to have them destroyed like this and Laurent expertly explained that it was particularly hard to pawn cheap goods like these and often they ended up abandoned just due to the limited number of things an elnin could travel with. Whatever family had lived here previously must have been fairly well established though not the most well off if these were replicas of famous pieces.

Simply nodding Wick got back to work on the pile of things and oddly enough it was quite cathartic to break the goods. Fragile dolls and a bound on a creaky bench or two, some pieces didn’t take much to crumble beneath his paws. Laurent’s pomu also seemed to be quite satisfied after breaking through so many objects. Laurent said it had a particularly soft spot for vases and cutting through tall grass but for the sake of the natural flora he had kept the grass cutting more in check. Lamps didn’t seem to last long either to his sword unfortunately so as it got darker as the evening came Wick had to be particularly careful he didn’t misstep.

He did jump once though when a loud croak came from a pot he had just about pushed off the second story. Inside was a frog and with a little more care than the pots got Wick safely removed the small evidently grumpy small creature and continued to pursue the destruction of the pot. Destroying a local inhabitant after all surely wouldn’t sit well with his friend Mallow. As the evening went on Wick found himself more and more out of breath but a lot calmer and focused. Perhaps getting all the energy out had helped or perhaps it was as they said, a side effect of Laurent’s curse.

After the damage was done the two cleared the house and Laurent gave the structure a few prominent blows, causing it to crumble in on itself. The frog beside Wick croaked as a stone or two fell into the rubble and what was done was done. What a day. Wick hated to admit it but he had never felt more in tune with himself...and perhaps similar volunteer work could be done in his future if such places existed that needed a few pots broken. One look on Kormir’s face when Laurent returned the kittom home though, covered in dust so much his white and pale yellow fur had turned grey, was enough for Wick to keep his thoughts to himself.

One bath later Wick proudly showed his guardian the haul of small treasures he had found while breaking pots and even Kormir was a bit impressed, and a little thankful Laurent had let the kittom keep some token of the time spent. Kormir helped Wick count the coins and said Bazil could take him shopping later that week if the kittom didn’t want to save the coins. Eagerly Wick nodded at the idea. It had been a good day, maybe he could even buy a few accessories to impress others down the road. The thought in itself made the kittom smile before he tumbled off to bed.


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