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Ahza AP for ELN2007 ♥


On an island north of Ahza, perched upon a vast ocean of clouds sits the city of Weldwick. The heart of the stormlands finds little respite from the relentlessness of Gaia, yet here this oasis resides at the eye of the storm. Wisps of mist caress the high trusses and arches of its vast interior. Ancient architecture meshes seamlessly with modern needs as the city has built up over itself across centuries. Reminders of their founders are always within reach while touches of moss and plants rooting into the cracks of stones never let us forget the harsh floodplains below. Humidity pierces the air and bathes the tongues of its streets. Though land here is far from plentiful, the people of Weldwick have utilized it generously. Buildings tower up through the sky, businesses and homes stacked upon one another glittering with light as a webbing of bridges weave the city into a complex tapestry.


Traversing the upper levels of this formidable sanctuary is nothing short of incredible. The breeze kisses the cheek as it guides us onward overlooking a vast sea of clouds, the view never once the same. One day, a layering of thin wisps and sheets of soft feather down. The next, billowing high rises of blossoming white and gray threatening to turn menacing at the smallest breath. As the sea is a fickle mistress, the sky mirrors her so. Though threat may lay, the sun’s rise and fall are treated as ritual in the hearts of many and colorfully retold as mementos from visitors. A striking array of of rose, violet, blues, and golds bathe the city in beauty, staining walls and shadowing streets. There is not much more breathtaking than the morns and eves that Weldwick offers.


And what’s more, airships of all sizes sail the skies as boats sail the sea, speckling the view and drifting along airways inside its borders, trails of steam left in their wake. Ships as elaborate as jewels of royalty or as common as humble wagons bring a constant flow of voyage and spectacular commodities that keep the city alive with commerce and tourism. One day I shall journey to see it all myself. To ride up into the clouds and break the storm on a ship of wondrous yet practical magic. To witness the sunrise with my own eyes and feel as though I can walk amongst the clouds. What a joy it must be.


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ELN2007: 🔥Kagerō (陽炎)

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